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  1. I am going to hazard a guess here and suggest that you need to pull down the notification bar, select usb icon and then choose disk drive and then done. Until you do that, the SD card is not unmounted by the phone and made available for the PC. Hope that is of use.
  2. My problem with using the Rodriguezstyle ROM is that it is no longer being developed, however this one here is my current one and is under development still. What is nice is that the developer has taken input from other users and made changes for users. There is also one named MDJ droid which can be found here. I personally stopped using it because the other one was updated first, but since stepping away from it, it has been updated and seems to be very good. Both ROMs have Sense, which is always a requirement for me since I love it too much to even give anything without a chance (maybe a mistake on my part) and I always want A2SD, but not plus as I don't have a fast enough SD card. Hope that is of use to you.
  3. Link seemed fine to me, but if you still have troubles let me know and I will stick up the file I downloaded for you.
  4. I quite like Astro file manager for backups. I have given a link to the app on Appbrain. To do a backup, simply hit menu, go to tools, choose "Application Manager/Backup" Then you can back up all your apps from there (as long as the developer hasn't marked them as private that is) Once/if rooted I love Titanium Backup as it can back up all apps and settings regardless of whether or not the developer has marked them as private. Hope that helps.
  5. Similar story here, working on getting MDJ + the radio as well. Just completely wiped my SD card and partitioned it and copying back all the files now so that I can test out the A2SD+ thing. As a side-note, Rodriguezstyle has said that he is no longer developing his ROM. I will dig out the post where he said that, but I don't know how old the most recent version is. EDIT: Found the post where he says he has moved on: Post on XDA Developers
  6. Ahh, fair enough... Well, from what I understand the whole point of shipped-roms.com is that they only have ROMs that are shipped in phones, so it will be an official one either from HTC, or from the network operator who has branded some of the things in it. Hope that helps at least a little
  7. Yes and no is the best answer at the moment... If you look here: http://shipped-roms.com/shipped/Legend/ You can see all of the stock ROMs that are available, but the only non-Voda one that can work is one for 2.0.3 and the problem with doing the update to a completely new version is that you can't step back down to 1.32 if you need to for some reason. If you are confident that you won't need or want to step back to 1.32 then you can go ahead and flash it, but at the moment if you flash, you are stuck there.
  8. I had the same issue, but had no luck getting it fixed, sent it off to HTC last monday and should be getting it back tomorrow all fixed up and nice like. It looks as though there are some desire users who are having similar issues and it appears that it is a mainboard issue. There is a thread on the XDA Developers site regarding it. When I have more than 5 minutes, I will hunt down the link for it.
  9. Sorry to hear you are having the same issue, it looks like you may need to try and return your phone, or wait a bit and see what happens with some fixes that people are working on for both the Desire and the Legend. There is a brief discussion of what's happening over at XDA-Developers, which has a step that can at least get your SD card to be read by the phone, if not mountable by your PC here. My phone was picked up by HTC this afternoon, hoping that they can fix it for me.
  10. If you have a look here, you can see all of the roms that are there. Hope that helps.
  11. Hey everyone, I have bumped into a spot of bother with my Legend this afternoon that I have been working on since early this afternoon with no success at fixing... I was flashing a new ROM to the phone and part-way through the flashing I lost power to my PC (not sure if this is connected or not) and the flashing of the new ROM froze on the phone. I then attempted to restart the flashing process (I was using the Modaco method of flashing using the Recovery menu and pushing the needed files to the phone) Whilst doing this however, I noticed that i was getting a device not found message on the command line whilst trying to run the .bat file to get things running. I have since flashed a stock ROM and noticed that every time the phone boots it claims that the SD card has been removed and that I should plug in a new one. I have tried a few times now to enter the recovery mode, reformatted both of my SD cards and even tried a different stock ROM, none of which have allowed me to access my SD card. Any tips on this would be appreciated, here's hoping the phone isn't gubbed as I can't seem to get my grubby fingers on a UK stock Vodafone ROM, meaning that if I take it to them to fix they will probaby say something along the lines of "Ooo! You went flashy flashy with a ROM, no support for you!" I will be intending to call HTC's tech support line tomorrow to see if they have any tips. (I might fail to mention that I was flashing different ROMS when the initial problem occurred, but surely installing new ones over the top of the failed one should solve the problem) Anyways, as I said, any advice would be greatly appreciated and would help a great deal, I have a similar thread started on XDA developers, but thought I would start one here too, just in case someone here has experiences and tips that the folks over there don't. Thanks, Nimmo
  12. This... I may have buggered the phone. It doesn't read any SD cards that are plugged in and even after flashing a stock rom, when it boots, it claims that there is no SD card in it. When I use one of my other SD cards, it refuses to even acknowledge that one is plugged in. I am going to try and flash the German Vodafone ROM and see if I can get away with returning it that way, if it turns out that's what I need to do...
  13. I have A2SD installed on it, have wavesecure, titanium backup, but not the radio update as that was already installed. Anyways, copy of the file is here: here Hope it helps.
  14. Ok, I have just found my baked version of r1, can't remember fully what was all on it, but it should hopefully give you somewhere to start from... uploading to rapidshare now, a link will follow as soon as I have one... Just noticed that after another restart of my phone, my applications are back again... not sure what happened, but hey, I have apps again, so all is goodish.
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