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  1. Desire HD Modaco Package..... bought & paid for............ the suspense is killing me!!!
  2. takes away root, but the new unrevoked (3.21) roots this update no problem, matter of minutes.... i've done it myself.
  3. O o good, it wasn't just me imagining things then... on both fronts... the online kitchen being gone & the WiFi issue....
  4. Really looking forward to a clean looking Rom for the mini. All that T mobile pinkness hurts my feelings.
  5. me again,,, after reflashing and reflashing and reflashing, the camera and wifi are working again... i dont get it makes me believe that it could be a hardware problem, which is a bit of a PITA for me as had a friend of a friend get me the phone from the UK and sending it back could be problematic.... hmmm :rolleyes:
  6. worked a treat!!! although still having problems with the camera... EDIT: Add wifi problem too, it says its connected but no websites etc will load...
  7. love the HTC logo behind the amonra recovery, makes me feel at home... :)
  8. baking one now Paul, let you know in a bit is there any way of putting stock android 2.1 on the mini? without t-mobile branding, etc
  9. i seem to be having major camera issues with my mini it happened originally about 12 hours after getting it it started going all rainbowy colors through the camera viewfinder after opening the camera app. then it just kept giving me this message that it couldnt connect to the camera... i factory reset it a few times it seemed to work ok... now after rooting it, its doing it again, i dont think that rooting it had anything to do with it, BUT its worth mentioning. has anyone else experienced problems with the camera app on theirs?
  10. same thing on ubuntu.... hmm, how can a crazy easy cheap ol thing like this phone give me trouble when i used your root r1 for the desire with no problems......? i used 2 computers to do that method and it worked like a charm... grrr never again will i buy a cheap phone for "fun" FYI, just so people dont get confused, there is no word "install" before any of the files or comands given above in the instructions... EDIT: LOVELY, got it to work, had to install drivers that were missing as Paul stated above, worked like a charm after i install the pc suite software (was trying to avoid that)
  11. hahah, ooooK, guess im used to my HTC's but when i run the superboot then, it just continuously says waiting for devices...
  12. ok, im stuck.... cant seem to get the mini into bootloader mode, when i do as instructed above, it just hangs forever on the T Mobile screen,,,,
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