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  1. I don't use Windows, so you may need to set up a VM running something like Ubuntu to sucessfully do the update. The images from the google update are a 'Sparse EXT4" volume. You need to use utility called simg2img which can be found within ext4_utils.zip (attached to the following) http://forum.xda-dev...d.php?t=1081239 Download the sources, and compile them by using 'make' Then extract the system.img from the Google Update to the folder where the simg2img binary has been compiled, and type: #./simg2img system.img sys.img This will create a sys.img file (around 640MB), copy this new file (aswell as the boot.img file extracted from the update) into dsixda/original_update and run the kitchen :) As a quick note, Don't run simg2img on boot.img, it's not needed!
  2. You need to be using the 5.xx RADIO's with this ROM.
  3. Been tweaking things a little more, battery life should be improved now... I'm going to do some serious durability testing tomorrow, but so far I've seen some noticeable improvements over the past hour of testing. 0.4b Kernel UV Values tweaked to 925mV min, 1225mV max. Conservative Power Governor now set on boot. (can be changed using SetCPU) Updated LauncherPro to latest release
  4. Download the update.zip file which they supply http://www.wavesecure.com/installations/update.zip Then just apply the update like you would any other ROM/patch/etc etc (just make sure to rename it from update.zip to something like WaveSecure.zip before you copy it to your SDCard otherwise if you are using FakeFlash, you will overwrite it!)
  5. Frankish - it can only be applied by the devs who make those ROMS (and compile the kernels) as its the battery driver itself which I've changed. Devs are starting to test it so I believe, so hopefully it won't be too long until it's a bit more widespread to sort it out. ****************** 0.4a Removed HAVS Additions from Kernel - caused problems with Trackpad & Light Sensor. New Kernel UV-Only based on Pershoots N1 Modifications. 950mV - 1275mV (for stability) Users of 0.4 can update to 0.4a by using this SMALL 2.2MB patch FroYo-Desire 0.4 Kernel Patch (UV) If you are coming to this ROM from a Previous build prior to 0.3, or from any other ROM, please use the FULL ROM Package from the 1st post.
  6. 0.4 now up! Recompiled Kernel with HAVS Support (925mV MIN, 1250mV MAX) - Credit >IntersectRaven< Stock Min/Max was 1050/1250. I've not dropped it to 800mV, as some other threads and what I've seen, not all handsets support that amount of drop, so I'm aiming to keep this as stable as possible. There is no OC Support (I don't intend on adding any either) purely because I'm working towards battery conservation.
  7. I've had a quick look through my kernel source thismorning while adding HAVS support, it appears that there are specific entries for CDMA support not included within the Bravo vendor sources... Will need to compare against more as I get time :(
  8. From a working ROM (stock CDMA ideally) Can you do me a dump of the contents of /system/lib/modules and /system/etc/firmware please :( Also, can you upload the boot.img which is working somewhere?? I'll try have a look see whats different and see if I can get a CDMA-compatible kernel made up for you to test.
  9. I'll work on a percentage modification soon. 0.3 is now up though, WiFi sleep is fixed, and ping duration and packet consistency is constant :(
  10. I have the same issue too, infact its been doing it for about a month now... The other problem is, if I try and reply to a topic, send a PM, start a new topic, it just comes up saying I don't have permission (I've tried clearing cache and cookies many many times...) Happened when I was running 1.21, and still happening with FroYo... This is also regardless if I'm connected via WiFi or Data...
  11. not yet, I only released it last night to the masses, and I'm not a fan of modifying any framework after its built. I will look into changing the bar to black at a later date, but I need to figure out how to add the theming info to the overlay before its compiled, so its in there from each build with no need to add any other modifications afterwards! Basically I want to keep this as a 100% un-hacked AOSP build (by un-hacked, I mean not modified after building :angry: but any-and-all other modifications (such as the current H icon fix), kept to a complete minimum ) *edit 2* FM doesn't work at present... Same with any other AOSP or custom-kernel built ROM I'm afraid.
  12. Yeah, I've released the patch for the kernel into the wild, hopefully other devs who build there own kernels will pick it up and include it too. This was one of the big annoyances I had with any custom FroYo build for the Desire. h264 recording is at 800x480 @ 30FPS (obviously this reduces if the ambient light is pants) 720p is in the works... Also, it is Auto, but I've not fine-tuned the default AOSP values yet, so the screen can be quite dim at times (but does brighten up well in bright places) As said, thats something I'm looking into fine tuning!
  13. Future Additions Add support to dynamically check and change the keys binded for unlocking the phone Current Known IssuesAuto Brightness may not be to everyones taste. 0.4bKernel UV Values tweaked to 925mV min, 1225mV max. Conservative Power Governor now set on boot. (can be changed using SetCPU) Updated LauncherPro to latest release 0.4aRemoved HAVS Additions from Kernel - caused problems with Trackpad & Light Sensor (CM3602). New Kernel UV-Only based on Pershoots N1 Modifications. 950mV - 1275mV (for stability) 0.4Recompiled Kernel with HAVS Support (925mV MIN, 1250mV MAX) - Credit >IntersectRaven< 0.3 Added SIM Toolkit Final 100% Battery Charging Modification in place (keeps battery at 100% while plugged in) WiFi Sleep now fixed (using own method based loosely on the official Google patch) WiFi Sleep also fixed in respect to extremely high pings and regular dropped packets still compared to being in a Woken state (pings and packet consistency will remain constant regardless of screen being on or off) AutoBrightness now set back to original FroYo values. Sense values used in 0.2 were draining the battery and keeping the screen far too bright in dark conditions. 0.2 [*]Re-synced against latest AOSP Release & Kernel_MSM [*]Further-optimised Charging functions in Kernel [*]Fixed button backlight (full brightness) [*]Fixed Notification LED [*]Fixed Auto-Brightness 0.1b [*]Re-compiled Kernel enabling "Conservative" mode for (hopefully) better battery saving! (use SetCPU to enable this) [*]Added fixes to try get 3G working on Orange networks (for those who are fully unlocked with latest Radio's ONLY) [*]Corrected the order at which kernel modules load. Also sorted out module issue with FileSystem modules loading in the proper order. [*]No longer clear Vendor cache from Market (causes slowdown on initial use after flashing as upgrade) 0.1a [*]Initial Public Release 0.1-prerelease [*]First Initial Build [*]Fixed LED's [*]Added Camera Profiles [*]Fixed Facebook Sync [*]Fixed Teather
  14. Hi everyone I've managed to get a fairly good working build now of FRF91 from AOSP. I was inspired mainly by both AdamG and meLIanTQ for there excellent work on both there AOSP built ROM's, so thought I'd have a go at it myself, so here is the result :angry: I'm building this ROM to suit my own personal needs, with various little things thrown in for good measure, but it will remain 100% AOSP source. No APK's will be modified *after* the build, all customisation on my part will be done via the overlay. THIS IS NOT A SENSE-BASED ROM ROM Details Built from latest AOSP source. (FRF-91 2.2-r1.1) 2.1Mb Kernel Image Size so hopefully no problems for people with Bad Blocks :D Kernel Base - configured and compiled by myself (UV Support, no OC) Self-modded Kernel Fix to keep phone charged at 100% while plugged in (used to drop to 89% and charge) (details >here<) ext2, ext3 and ext4 support cifs.ko, tun.ko and openvpn Classic A2SD+ from my original dalvik-cache mod from Rooted 2.1 Eclair for Desire (details >here<) Copies Apps, App-Private and Dalvik-Cache to SD. A2SD Fixed to help prevent White Screen Hangs (working with ext2 and ext3 partitions, needs testing with ext4) Latest BusyBox (1.16.2) Rooted with latest SuperUser 2.2 apk Massive APN List h264 Camcorder Latest FRF91 Google Apps 3G/H Icon Fix to display H during HSDPA connection. Default Launcher is LauncherPro Beta WaveSecure installed to /system/app setcpu.txt copied to sdcard JUST incase you want to use SetCPU to ramp down the CPU Speeds to help conserve battery life (remember, no OC or UV support in kernel, but I do intend to patch UV support in future releases) Facebook (Installable from Market) Twitter (Installable from Market) Original Android Launcher Amazon MP3 (Installable from Market) Whats Working (currently from what I can tell as its what I use) [*]Facebook Sync (including profile pictures displaying in Phone App and Message App) [*]WiFi [*]USB & WiFi Teather [*]Notification LED's [*]Camera [*]NO ECHO I've also not included items such as SpareParts, or LeoParts... SpareParts and LeoParts can be had from the Market. Please refer to the 2nd post for a breakdown of changes/fixes/known issues with the ROM Installation Fresh Install I recommend you do a FULL WIPE before you install this ROM if you are coming from another ROM. Future Upgrades No wipe is explicitly required in order to use this ROM, however if you do encounter issues of any kind, it is recommended that you wipe your device and reproduce the issue before raising it here. Just to say. Whenever I release a new Update, I always just "flash over" the existing one without a Wipe and go from there. I'm building each release with this ethos in mind, as its pretty annoying having to do a Wipe on each update! DOWNLOAD YOU WILL NEED THE 5.xx RADIO ROM FLASHED TO USE THIS ROM - 4.xx RADIOS ARE NOT, AND WILL NOT BE SUPPORTED SORRY!! Get the latest RADIO's >HERE< Also, remember this is a ROM I'm making for myself and a few friends, so I will try to sort out bugs as-and-when they are found, but as I'm still learning how to do this well, it may take a little time for me to sort! Also during the FIRST initial boot after a fresh install, it can take about 30 seconds for LauncherPro to start responding. THIS IS NORMAL. Any further reboots by yourself, or upgrades in future (without wipes) don't have this issue. FroYo-Desire 0.4b Thanks & Credits st0kes for all the info and tips in the Building Android from AOSP thread. deovferreira/Kali- for the vendors which make all of this possible. meLIanTQ for the invaluable help when I ran into a few issues during my initial build AdamG & meLIanTQ for there inspiration IntersectRaven for his HAVS Kernel Modifications Anyone and everyone else who I've forgot to mention ;) Want to buy me a Toastie?? Can if you want :D But I'm not in it for the food :(
  15. Can you get into recovery?? I've had a few bad flashes using Clockwork myself, usually always ended up being a bad copy from PC to Phone of the ROM. All I'd do would boot into fakeflash, mount the SDCard, adb push the file, unmount SDCard, remount it, and then flash again. All works fine then!
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