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    No more Galaxy S Dev???

    +1 Even when questioned a while back Paul said he didn't gave up on the SGS and that new updates were around the corner. Still waiting :D
  2. :D :D :) :) :) Must stupid mistake ever!!!!! renamed it update.zip wich ended up in update.zip.zip So it never saw the file! Got it working tho! :lol:
  3. Just to make sure: When i connect the phone to the pc it gives me a letter (N:) right there i have to put the file right not in the hidden map called "sd" right?
  4. Don't even have my external card in, so yes it is on my internal. But thanks for the suggestion :lol: I just need to rename the download from the site, right? Not first unzipping and then renaming?
  5. Exacly the same! Also new user but when in recovery mode, i guess al previous steps are performed right? Somewhere we must be doing it wrong.
  6. Rickstur

    I have one arriving tomorrow!

    Wonderful Paul, hope to see some record breaking root on this one :)

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