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  1. Evils rom is good, but there is still the market issue that it does not reinstall your apps from the start, It does not even show your 2.2 apps that you have downloaded from your previous rom, it just shows the ones you have purchaced... There is also no flash player in the market, it leads me to think we are using the 2.1 market... yuk JD
  2. That has to be the most pathetic thing I have ever read..... Does he think he is purchasing ROM's then? The money paid to Paul is a gesture, we get what we are given.... Paul, just refund this dude and ban him, we are better off without these sorts of people in our quality community;) Dick go here---> http://www.apple.com/iphone/ MP also known as JD;)
  3. I asked him a few times on Twitter, but total Ignoration;) lol, Mind you, he does cherry pick his replys carefully nowdays;) lol
  4. So glad i sold my Desire and bought a Nexus, best thing i ever did;))
  5. If you send back to google there is a chance they will restore your phone for free, but if not you may have to pay a bit of money;( But i have seen the majority of people get repaired for nothing, even after unlocking the bootloader;)
  6. women, football, and android;) Oh and maybe Cisco;) = Life;) lollol Im just sitting here waiting for the polish backlash;) I like you guys, really;) My girlfriend is Polish;)))) But we have to defend whats right, and this guy is definatly WRONG! JD;)
  7. So annoying, when you think all Paul has done for Android rooting in general? So what who's first, do you see any reaction from paul when he rooted nearly every other phone on the market before anyone else... Just slow down and watch the football;) Oh yeah Poland are not at the World Cup are you;) MP
  8. This morning i just flashed the new froyo rom that the xda guys had made and it said if you was experiencing any led problems to go into adb and delete a file. I went into adb and mounted the system, but didnt delete a file, when i came out i didnt exit, i just pulled the usb cable, is it that my system is still mounted and is stuck? when i rebooted i am stuck on a boot loop from the first htc screen and i have no way of getting into recovery... I dont think this is a usb brick as i didnt flash anything, im not sure what to do now;( Hope you guys can help
  9. double post!!
  10. Snap, Your finding that there is a mass exodus of people selling their desires and going to the N1 due to HTC's notoriously slow upgrade procedure..... And to be honest, i dont think the desire will be supported beyond Froyo, It will never get Gingerbread;( So i sold my desire for 350 and just topped up to get a N1, no bother;) :D
  11. This has scared me into selling my desire and buying a N1
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