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  1. jonmall1441

    Sign up for the Moves for Android preview

    Been using it for a few days and honestly the hit on battery life seems very negligible for me. Then again the battery on the Nexus 4 is not great without it.
  2. jonmall1441

    HTC One: De-sensing

    Nah. I'm sure you have far more important stuff to do. Thanks anyway :)
  3. jonmall1441

    HTC One: De-sensing

    It's installing but force closes. I'm assuming that it's something to do with Android 4.2 not being compatible?
  4. jonmall1441

    HTC One: De-sensing

    Is the browser installable on the Nexus 7? Can't seem to get it to install. It thinks its a calculator? silly machine hehe
  5. jonmall1441

    Android 4.2 - are you finding it buggy?

    Issues with my Nexus 7: Battery life sucks compared to what it was before the update Stuttering and unresponsive performance Slow charging Random reboots Decembergate (of course) Power button (and even using a smart case) seem unresponsive 50% of the time for waking up the screen Seems like a rushed update to me. Needed to release something to go with the new Nexus hardware I guess...
  6. jonmall1441

    LG planning to sell Nexus 4 at €599 outside Google Play?

    I am one of the people affected by this. I am either getting it through a contact in the UK or by getting a UK address from my Post Office and purchasing it online (using a proxy or VPN). This seems like a very dodgy move by LG. I would understand a €50 premium (shops need to make a profit), but double the price? No thank you.
  7. jonmall1441

    12 months since the Galaxy Nexus, are we due a new Nexus?

    I would be fine with an Xperia T like Nexus device. That phone looks nice and the camera is a huge improvement over the G Nex but then again so are most entry level phones. I think its too early to expect a Motorola Nexus phone without complaints from other OEMs.
  8. jonmall1441

    We're giving away a RaspberryPi!

    I'd love me a piece of Raspberry Pi :)
  9. jonmall1441

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    Very interested in the Huawei Ascend D Quad XL. Their own processor looks promising in benchmark results, although benchmarks mean nothing for day to day usage. 4.5" 720p IPS display has got me interested. Not sure if it includes NFC tho...
  10. jonmall1441

    Qualcomm launches ICS drivers for Adreno 2xx GPUs

    Good news for HTC Desire ICS ROM developers then? *fingers crossed*
  11. jonmall1441

    What will be your next Android phone and why?

    I have no idea at the moment. I like the HTC One X but feel that 4.7" may be to big. I currently own the Vintage Desire and the jump in size may put me off. I like the HTC One S but the qHD pentile AMOLED screen and no NFC are a major downer. I like the Sony Xperia S too but it has a non removable sub 2,500 mAh battery and no Micro SD card support (like the previous 2 I mentioned). If I use data on my desire throughout the day (from 7am) I can barley make it to 4pm. The phone specs I am waiting for: 4.0-4.5" 720p display SLCD2 or Super AMOLED HD PLUS 16GB-32GB of on board storage with micro SD Card slot (just got a 32GB class10 and I want to use it :P ) 1GB Ram or more Tegra 3/Snapdragon S4 (x2) / Exynos 4412 (x4) or 5250 (x2) Removable battery or bigger than 2,500 mAh ICS - preferably stock but I don't mind a skin as long as it's not bulky like Sense 3.x or LG's UI Decent Camera -Same level as SGSII/iPhone 4s would be nice Stylish and Sturdy (thickness is not an issue for me. I used to own a Nokia 6600) NFC is a must! I want to experiment with it for Collage. That's most of the things I want. Extras like HDMI, dedicated camera button and bluetooth 4 are nice but not major selling points for me. I know it's a big ask and I may never find a device that ticks all the boxes. It's just a case of which ticks the most boxes. I'll wait for the summer and see what that brings about.
  12. I'm guessing that loads of people have already asked this but how easy/difficult is it to brick a desire using the new root method and also how easy is it to unroot a desire? Thanks very much for the help. Also if there is a user guide of how to unroot the desire that would be awesome.

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