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  1. The winners have not yet been announced.
  2. Hi, I'm David, a mad android fan (though of course that went without saying). My most memorable drive was on a visit to the states last November. Having started in Vegas (and no, I wont tell as what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas) I drove across the Hoover dam and in to Arizona. A nights stop at the Grand Canyon was unbelievable and one of the best drives I had ever been on, that is, until I went further south down to Sedona (Land of the red rocks) and as I left the interstate at Flagstaff to head south I headed through the mountains at Oak Creek and was totally bowled over at the beauty! What made the whole road trip though was driving back a couple of days later. As we ascended through the mountains again, the cloud came in and I drove through snow for the next 3 hours before having a rest stop on Route 66! What a great drive indeed!
  3. The stock kernel wont read EXT4. What ROM/Kernel are you using? Are you trying to implement a2sd+ ?
  4. To at least get back to stock, try this link: http://theunlockr.com/2011/01/20/how-to-unroot-the-nexus-s/
  5. I would suggest you check the link on the post above also. Quick version though.....if the desire is on Froyo, try unrevoked.com to s-off (and optionally install CWM recovery) and alphrev.nl to adjust the hboot if required depending upon the partition layout of your desired custom rom. If your desire is already on Gingerbread (i.e. 2nd hand and some clever so and so already flashed the gingerbread update RUU) you may need to s-off and root etc by using revolutionary.io although be warned this is still in beta.
  6. HTC UK Just did an about turn! GB is back on for the desire! http://www.facebook.com/htcuk/posts/225857300777092
  7. Sounds like your phone is locked to a specific carrier eg Orange, and the RUU you are using is a generic HTC one rather than specific to a carrier. Is this the case?
  8. David_P


    1. There is no RUU for Orange and 2. It wouldn't even run an RUU when I tried, gave me a CID error of some sort as I recall. All sorted now though.
  9. David_P


    As it happened, the charge was because they replaced my battery cover with cracked camera lens plastic. 11.75 The rest was covered under warranty :-)
  10. If already running r10, can we not go back to recovery and flash your kernel and mods? Does it have to be before the first boot? David P
  11. coolio! So, we're expecting an xmas present from Paul and a new years present from China :-) That's one in the eye for all those people who says the desire is old news already :-)
  12. New UI as in Standard Android UI (honeycomb) or do MIUI have something new cooking?
  13. me too, although I was running 12.11 by eveek and just cleared cache and dalvik cache when installing this one. Do you get a force close on traffic monitor when setting data limits? It's very close to release I think, hopefully the new year will see it come out of beta phase.
  14. Which build Eddy, an all in one or did you grab the chinese and apply the language pack and any extras yourself?
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