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  1. Isn't there a way to convert this CDMA rom to GSM?
  2. Hi! I just found this jelly bean ROM for ZTE N880E. I don't know if it is compatible with zte acqua but here goes the link for anyone that wants to give it a try. ZTE link -> http://www.zte.com.c...121_370675.html ROM only -> http://www64.zippysh...85928/file.html
  3. Is it possible to add some languages to this ROM? I already tried morelocale, but it doesnt change any thing... Thanks
  4. It is smooth like in the sample.
  5. I found these animations on the XDA forum (link). Works fine in my U8230. Sample: Unzip and install using metamorph. Transitions.zip
  6. Thanks Finally i have root access.
  7. Can you upload the 2.1 that you cooked, please?? Which boot.img do you use? I already flashed my phone using several boot.img and always had the same errors...
  8. Ok I was thinking that those errors were resulted of no root rights... but if you have root and still have errors... I don't know... Which rom are you using? B214?
  9. I have the same problem. Do you have root rights on your phone?
  10. I already installed the B250 ROM on my phone. But after replace de boot.img, by a rooted one, nothing happend. I still don't have root.
  11. No. I can't find the official updata.app file, only the rooted zip...
  12. Thanks I'll try find an official 250 ROM and then try root my phone.
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