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  1. maybe but it works for thick people like me so was worth posting even if it only helps one other!
  2. NOOBs or anybody struggling with this way of doing it listen up!!!! I spent 24 hours trying these linux/mac/nightmare methods and had given up till i read this method http://www.machackpc.com/headline/how-to-r...android-os-2-1/ Worked first time and in less than 15 minutes i was done. So simple and you can do it all via windows with NO Virtual machine, no recovery menus or terminal instructions etc.... MAIN THING TO REMEMBER: Instead of Step 10, extract pushfiles.zip onto your Windows computer. Extract the files from my initial post into the same folder. Connect the phone, wait a little so Windows gets some time to find it. Run recovery-windows.bat. Continue from Step 13. The recovery-windows.bat is downloadable from here http://www.laddaupp.nu/android/pushfiles-win-addon.zip extract it to your pushfiles directory. Get over there now and check it out for yourself! P.s. i have no affiliation whatsoever with that website was just desperate for a simple solution and found it there.
  3. Sounds good but could you now please give a word for word instruction for how to root using your process for us weirdo's who are rubbish at this please?! Many thanks for your work.
  4. firstly i find this pretty crap that nobody is willing to help beyond a couple of questions! pull the ladder up Jack springs to mind! All i want an answer to is why my update.zip fails verification. not a hard one for you lot clearly as you all seem to know so much! i have redone everything more times than you can imagine as like i said i spent nearly 24 hours of my life on this and still am not there! it is the last step i need an answer on, i'm close. wouldn't hurt rather than just saying "you're the problem!" when that really doesn't help in any way. i've tried R1 and R3 variants of this and sorted my goldcard problems out but am just stuck now. i'd pay someone to solve it!
  5. also when i type in the sudo ./step1.sh command it is meant to do something else after it comes up with: erasing cache and rebooting in ruu mode...... < waiting for device> or does that mean its ready then for me to go into bootloader then recovery at that point?
  6. why do i ALWAYS get E: signature verification failed installation aborted when i do the update.zip part of it?
  7. i'm going to get some sleep as i got none last nght and have been on this all day and could happily cry right now. so worn by this. meant to be relatively simple but ive had nothing but crap from it. i know it works cause so many of you have it working..... please pm me suggestions or reply to this and i'll try and gather enough will to bother tomorrow. cheers for your help though
  8. i put them direct to the root of my sdcard via drag n drop on my win7 32bit using file explorer and a sd card reader :huh: just gives me verification fail on the E: once i click to update.zip from sd :P
  9. i cant believe how many problems i have had doing this and am getting sick of it! i have read every single post on this thread and still havent got it rooted. been doing it since this thread went live yesterday and cant see how you lot are getting it done! SO INFURIATING!!!
  10. so are you saying that i should have the push files on the sd card too and unzipped as well as the rootedupdate.zip? i never unzipped the rootedupdate file, just meant i took it from the linux iso thingy im using the r3 version of this rooting method so what files (word for word cause i'm crap at this) should i have on my sd card to enable me to do the update.zip function? cheers in advance!
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