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  1. Thunder well done, i'm using HOST, very quick and responsive, i like it can someone tell me how to make shortcut to Wifi and Bluetooth ?
  2. try those http://www.modaco.com/topic/310541-daskalos-655-rom-build-23569-with-sense-25/
  3. Thx to devs Beta 3 available for O2 http://www.modaco.co...dated-18102011/ hope now our Master Erickas will go for it ;)
  4. if neccessery to copy any data files, let me know there is one G 551 in my company
  5. Rapid Thanks a lot for your nice Rom, i've dowloaded "sense.V2" working smooth, and fast i've enabled Wifi from Samsung settings menu, how to assign to your to HTC settings wifi ?
  6. check that http://code.google.com/p/apndroid/ different version list http://code.google.com/p/apndroid/downloads/list
  7. 1: copy all from your SD to your PC 2: format your SD via Samsung= Start/settings/memories/SD then clik "format" 3:uncompress"beta512zip" after download and copy all of them to the root of the My Storage. 4: Start haret.exe from the My Storage\o2beta directory and press Run. Linux will be starting, examining the present partitions on the SD card, and shrink the fat32 partition size with 1024/512 Mbyte ( theoretically without any data loss ) and create a new 1024/512 MByte ext2 partition. When the partition is ready the filesystems will be initialized and ext2.tar.gz on My Storage will be unpacked to the ext3 partition on the SD card; the valid default.txt ( with the correct root= partition inside ) will be put in My Storage - and we are ready, the system rebooting. In the case you have an ext2/3 partition on the device, you can skip the above process and just edit the default.txt CMDLINE line the "root=/dev/mmcblkxpy" x and y values according your partition ( see below) and unpack the ext2.tar.gz to that partition ( linux: tar xzvf ext2.tar.gz -C /path_to_partition_mounted/ ). 5: After the reset start the haret.exe from the root of My Storage, pressing Run our new Android will be starting.
  8. you're right in fact i had phone connected via USB and no "black screen" but once phone is in sleep mode time is going faster ;) did you succed to connect via ubuntu virtual box?
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