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  1. TBH I'm over the dualboot S4 and just want a stable single rom. Paul has alwasys supplied quality roms and I hope that he turns to the S4 and creates a kitkat modaco rom.
  2. Error downloading The requested URL /cache/1340264401/210612-0940-Ir14-update-modacocustomrom-galaxynexus-kitchen-signed-MD5-.zip was not found on this server. Then I'm getting prompted to go AdFree when my membership is AdFree?
  3. Pretty, pretty please come make a ROM for Galaxy Nexus.. ;)
  4. thanks for this question. I just remembered I had a iGo Stowaway keyboard that would just never work with my HTC Desire.. just pulled it out and after a few troubles getting the pair code to work I now have a pretty awesome foldaway keyboard. This is the exact model I have and it really works a treat. Typing emails, backspace and esc (back) all work fine as does navigating through the homescreen. haven't tried it with anything else other than Xtreme Trials 2 (space works for power/jump but there is no separate power button so you just bounce and accelerate all over the place). Here is a link to an ebay item ... I recall I paid £18 for mine and it was pretty cheap back then.. maybe offer this guy to end the auction early or try find something similar elsewhere. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Think-Outside-iGo-Model-XTBT101-Stowaway-Folding-Universal-Bluetooth-Keyboard-/110826678369?pt=UK_iPad_Tablet_Accessories&hash=item19cdc8e861 If you want me to test something specific let me know. Cheers, Chris
  5. yep, stuck on 'Google lock' here as well... previously coming from a 'temporary' other rom (sorry) with franco10 kernel (choose 4.0.3 compatibility). Will wait to confirm the kitched has been sorted before trying again. edit: Thanks, reflashed and then flashed franco's kernel immediately after and now all is working fine :D
  6. ok, about to get my nexus replaced due to a faulty screen. Is there a way to install google wallet and ensure that it works and not get the secure element error that I have on my current phone.
  7. How good of a screen is available... mine is terrible but I kept trying to tell myself that I'm just being fussy (that was until I found this thread)... have spoken to T-mobs and Carphone Warehouse and they will happily exchange the phone for a new one. Can someone upload the free Advanced Task Manager so I can install it at the shop on their demo.. preferably shorten to goo.gl or similar.
  8. I also had this though unfortunately the only way I stopped if was a fresh install :(
  9. nice.. struggling to find it. Would you mind please providing a link please. I'm using Coolexe's Sense 3.0 build and it's sooo laggy that I can't answer my phone before people hang up :(
  10. Thanks for the recommendations but we all have the 'Desire' and not 'HD' :S
  11. As the title suggests this Rom has Sense 3.0 incorporated and it's just amazing. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1040121 Has a few bugs but it is a super fast rom which you should try.
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