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  1. For some reason the Google wallet application won't show on my phone in the list of apps, even though it was in my bake and appears in system/app directory, I've tried a few reboots and installing the rom again but I can't get it to show, any ideas?
  2. Mine was still bootlooping like mad until I tried the suggestion from EddyOS above, now works like a charm.
  3. I can't seem to get this installed, I've flashed several times and everything seems to go ok but then when I boot up and check the installed ROM it's not showing the Modaco version and I have no Google Wallet installed?
  4. For some reason I'm unable to add any of the included widgets from this update onto any of my home screens. When long pressing and choosing widgets they don't appear in the list. If I select 'Get more widgets' from the list they show as 'Installed' already but don't show in my apps list either? Anyone know why I'm not able to select them?
  5. Hi Paul, Not sure if this has been raised before but I couldn't see it when searching any of the replies. I'm having issues with the 'Quick Settings' app not displaying the APN control? It shows as disabled with 'No APN Configured' in the description. My network is T-Mobile and is connecting normally on the phone itself but cannot toggle it using this app with the Modaco ROM only, it works fine on other ROM's I've tried? Any ideas?
  6. Looks good, I'm going to Flash now, I like a little colour to my notifications... :huh:
  7. It all depends on the app that you are removing. I'm guessing that none of them will give errors during the installation but when you remove certain apk's, such as the google sync etc then you might start having problems. Certainly the teeter, plurk etc. shouldn't have any issues if removed.
  8. Ah, thanks anyway but someone released a version without the kiddy looking colours which I reflashed and fixed it.
  9. Is there any way to 'unflash' a zip? I've just installed the HSDPA and coloured icons update but I don't like the different colours on all the icons?
  10. Paul, I flashed this ROM but when it loads I have lots of Force Closes for lots of applications and all I see on screen is black screen with the notification bar at the top, meaning I can't get to my programs at all. What can I do to fix this as I can't get back to ROM manager to re-flash? Help please!!
  11. So, now I have root on my Desire, is there any way to change the colour of the notification LED? I read that you needed root to do it which is fine, I have root (thanks to Paul ;-)) but as far as I can tell you still can't change the colour?
  12. Ok guys, I'm extremely stuck here. I've completed the first few steps, goldcard etc. I can get the terminal up and enter the code as far as Step1. Then I get a 'waiting for device' on screen and nothing ever happens. What am I doing wrong? I'm using Virtual Box on a Vista PC. Thanks
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