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  1. Hey, check out xda, Enomther's ROM has the desire camera and 720p recording!!
  2. I've been looking around the development section at xda and here at Paul's modaco site for this, but it doesn't seem like anyone is working to get the camera application from the desire to the nexus this time around. Is it simply not possible this time, after the 2.2 Froyo update? I had it in the 2.1 days, and it was great, what a beautiful difference in the picture quality. I'd just like to know either way, even if it isn't possible, just to have the peace of mind and to stop looking for it everyday and being disappointed to see no news on it.
  3. Does this work with MCR r19 based on FRF83? Edit: Just tried it. It does not :lol: the phone got stuck on the boot "X"
  4. Paul, Just wanted to thank you for making this ROM that is very close to stock and yet can use apps like trackball alerts. I don't want other custom ROMs full of fluff, I just wanted a stable release as close to stock as possible. Thanks.
  5. Okay I can't seem to buy any apps. Market is otherwise working fine, I even am able to download my docs to go premium key which I bought back in the day, and cachemate which I also bought previously. But since I installed this ROM, prebake of r19 without additions, I can purchase apps but they get stuck in the authroizing phase and never download. I dont' knwo if this is because of this ROM, google, or what. Anybody else have this issue?
  6. mon français n'est pas bon, je suis juste en utilisant Google Translate pour parler avec vous. Je pense que vous voulez avoir un accès "root" sur votre FRF50, si j'ai raison, vous avez besoin pour ce faire: [url=http://android.modaco.com/content/google-nexus-one-nexusone-modaco-com]http://android.modaco.com/content/google-nexus-one-nexusone-modaco-com/298782/24-may-erd79-frf50-superboot-rooting-the-nexus-one/
  7. Pourquoi voulez-vous revenir à l'original de toute façon? Attendez, ne vous avez besoin root access dans FRF50?
  8. vous devez suivre les étapes décrites dans ce message http://android.modaco.com/content/google-n...insecure-himem/
  9. This seems accurate to me. And if it is a rough estimate, that means if the phone's screen is continually being used, then with OS 2.1 you can use the phone 233 minutes before the battery dies, whereas the test build of Froyo, a mere 75 minutes. When actually USING the phone, the battery goes down really fast on froyo. And considering shootnospam's similar experience with mine with a prebaked desire port, the question for right now is: better battery life when not touching the phone? or better battery life while using it? In a perfect world for me, I could just use the flash apk on the desire port, and I'd be happy. lol
  10. Which kernel did you use. I see a few different ones on his page.
  11. I haven't noticed a single thing move faster on Froyo than I have on Paul's desire port. I don't know what speed differences everyone keeps talking about.
  12. Actually I didn't use the kitchen. I just downloaded the pre baked versions Paul put on the site. I didn't use friend stream or peep.
  13. I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced this. I came over to the desire ROM (when r21 was released) after having cyanogen, and immediately my battery life was extended easily by 30% or so. When froyo dropped I went back to it, and the first thing I noticed was the battery drain again. Went back to the desire ROM and my battery life was better....and just to make sure (lol, actually just to try out the various fixes released by developers on xda for froyo) I went back to Froyo again today, and my battery is going down like a b1tch. My friend also has a nexus one and he's noticing the same thing. Anyone else?
  14. Was that really needed? Do your balls feel bigger now by needlessly being hostile on the internet?
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