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  1. Phone, Using the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and Desire Z with a Tri-Sim config atm :D Random fact? I'm Norwegian and I find any heat over 12C too warm.
  2. Try doing a reboot and see if WiFi works. And if not try airplane mode on and off :P
  3. Ooo! Nice! Any way we can disable cellular stuff? So it doesn't think it's phone and shows the no signal mark all the time
  4. Question: If you use LauncherPro "Hide notification bar" Does it work?
  5. Only 30 minutes left! Yay. Wait.. BST? Isn't that +1? I'm confused.
  6. It seems to pull from twitter every 2 minutes for me.
  7. Hey Paul, I'll borrow this guide for the Legend forum on XDA. Full credits will be given.
  8. Yea, try with the ones from the link I gave you.. They work for me. Try full wipe, and flash again.
  9. Make sure it's the FroYo version of HTC_IME if it's a FroYo ROM. 2.2 and 1.5-2.1 versions can be found here: HTC_IME Mod v27
  10. Best FroYo ROM for the Desire! Keep it up Paul!
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