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  1. drchips42

    Sony Xperia S Review

    USB OTG is the key here , the S has is but the one X does not... Well done sony!!!
  2. drchips42

    peeling back button desire

    Yup .. mine was peeling back .. has been ever since I got it... Cant take it back now... :huh: Now it's rom'ed to hell and back .. don't want to be with out my baby for two weeks!!!!!!!
  3. drchips42

    Patch for slow SD card read speed

    what class is your SD card ? Mines a Class 6 8GB card .. works fine ... everything works fine .. at a good speed ... does it increase my 8Mb/sec all the time ??? have you done some stats on this?
  4. drchips42

    Orange 2.2 ROM finally available

    Looked on Orange site : still there http://help.orange.co.uk/orangeuk/support/...462521/1/519269
  5. drchips42

    Orange 2.2 ROM finally available

    There are quite a few folk... ( see http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread...d=1#post8281319 ) I think it's just time. Its not the fact that you cant put a new rom on etc.. it the fact that we dont want to , unless theer is no option... Orange UK users have waited very paitionly for this , and we will get it.. evan it if bricks our phones!!
  6. drchips42

    Orange 2.2 ROM finally available

    Its moving all over the UK at the mo... as not every one is getting at the same time. In wales.. have not got it .. how ever in hampshire and sussex they have ... apprentky it has al the updates as well that have been realsed ...so you will bang up to date . Lets hope further updates work .
  7. drchips42

    Can I refuse an OTA update?

    This option looks for updates, if you turn it off the phone will therefore not " look" unless promoted by the user . If the user does not prompt , no updates will come down . :angry:
  8. drchips42

    Orange software version

    Got my Phone a few months ago ( orange UK ) I have : firmware 2.1 update1 baseband version Kernal version 2.6.29-3cb3dfbf [email protected] #1 build number CL155070 release-keys software number browser version Webkit 3.1 and no Over air updates :) nor do I think there will be for a while ... orange don't like keeping up with any jones's ... But the phone was free !!... and with 1500 talk mins etc
  9. drchips42

    Cant download anything from market place

    I changed it back to googemail .... all fab now!!!!!! Cant see how google did not foresee this on there own OS !! Thansk all!!!!!!!!
  10. Hello, I have Orange UK Desire , I used to be able to download via 3g or WiFi apps and update them. In the past few week the download starts , the updates are found .. but then it says " ready to download " and wont go any further . Web pages work fine , email etc etc .. but I cant down load any apps from the market place . I also have apps brain which links in with the market place and I get the same isue . Have 40MB free on phone ... 6GB on SD card . Have pressed cancel and restart , have tried this on a few networks now.. As I said all other " online " apps are fine, email , browser etc... any ideas?
  11. drchips42

    Google Earth now in Android Market

    I have had street maps ... nav ... etc.. and zooming all the way out for a few months now... ??? ( desire UK Orange Stock )
  12. drchips42

    moving from winmo to HTC desire

    Had winmo phones for years. Winmo and Nokia were my norm , until the desire ..... WOW !.. it all works fine ,, ( bar the 3G for Orange . which I had to tweak ) , it's fab ! Out the box in my hand. off I go .. the only issue is : All the rubbish Orange have put on my phone.. and saving programs to my SD card , both of which I have to look at .

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