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  1. Hi there, I cant't use RUU...i tried every version, O2 UK, Europe, Asian...nothing work! Wrong Boot Version... My current ROM Version is 1.21...I' don't know if this is right! My english sucks a lot *ggg* So its very difficult for me to translate the Rooting Guide an the following posts...by the way, the google translate tool sucks too!!! :-D I've started so many tries...After flashing Rootupdate and A2SD (fresh or upgrade, whats the difference???? I tried both...) and creating a partition, the system hangs on the next reboot. Only the "HTC" logo. I have to remove the battery to continue! The only Rom that works is the "PAYS ROM 1.4"! A2SD works too but the system cache also decrease a little bit! After installing A LOT (over 500MB) of apps and games, my system cache is full again! I have heared about to wipe the davliks cache for becoming space back...is this true? The cache is still full after wiping davlik cache via recovery-windows.bat... AmgkMod Rom don't starts like Modaco Rom, too!!! Only HTC logo... (Windows XP - o2 Device HBOOT 8.0)
  2. :-( so what else can I do??? It seems to be impossible for me to combinate the rootupdate whit A2SD...every time the same bug! Only the HTC Logo...i have to put out the battery for reboot! Totally crashed!!!
  3. No No...My Desire don't start....The HTC Logo does not vanish =( (sry 4 my bad english) @ DinoCro You can create a partition with the Recovery Mode! So you don't have to remove the SD out of your device! Go in the Recovery Mode an wath for "Partition"...first create one...then switch vom Ext2 to Ext3.
  4. Does anybody know if A2SD works with HBoot 8.0? My Desire (8.0 O2 device) don't boot after installing a2sd!!! Only the HTC Logo...without "quietly brilliant".... :-( @ DinoCro You have to create a EXT3 partition first! Actually there is no EXT3 Part to wipe on your Device :-)
  5. My Desire (8.0 O2 device) don't boot after installing a2sd!!! Only the HTC Logo...without "quietly brilliant".... :-(
  6. Another User...same question...
  7. Yeah, tomorrow is "root my Desire" day at work...no internet connection @ home...I'm online with my Desire now! Can't sleep tonight. I feel like the night before christmas :-D
  8. I think Paul has now understood it is important to us... :P
  9. I even think so... For European Devices: Europe 1.15.405.3 Radio release 121865 ...by the way...good news on twitter =)
  10. For real??? 40% more Volume with another Rom? Where did you get this information? I think the O2 Device is very loud on maximum...
  11. Damn good news!!!!! Lets wait for the guide...Paul 4 President :-D
  12. I hope Paul makes the impossible possible...
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