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  1. Could this by anny chance destroi the possibility to use RomManager. I am not shure, I tryed this method and it works. I used to use RomManager bus this does not work annymore... Ernst-jan Netherlands
  2. EernstJ

    [THEME - CM7] Azure [HDPI/MDPI/LDPI]

    I tryed this theme on my HTC Desire witth C7.1 It says that the app was bad compiled.... Does not work for me!
  3. EernstJ

    G9 80

    I am glad to say tha my device is only showing some minor rippling when I press with force on the back. In normal use there is no rippling at all. I got mine yesterday, also a Turbo version. Ernst-Jan
  4. EernstJ

    A80G9 USB Ubuntu

    Hi all, Maybe I am stupid but i can not get contact with USB on my new Archos 80 G9 on my Ubuntu pc's. What do i need to make it work? Thanks, Ernst-Jan
  5. Hello, I previously used R8 and it worked ok. Now with the standard R9 with A2SD it is not working very good. The telephone memory is low, only 15MB. I tried to reinstall after a full wipe. It did not do the trick. It is not possible to store Internet pages because the system returns with a low internal mem. Also I need to manually sync to free memory. Much incoming mail will generate a low mem... Is this rom a bit to much for tis phone? Thanks. p.s. I consider to become a member so i will be able to use the kitchen. I am a bit worried about all the possibilities. What should i choose to free more internal mem and have the functionality i like? I know this is personal but I am not shure about what choices to make, it's a bit much in this candy store so to say.
  6. I get following error: tools$ sudo linux/fastboot flash recovery recovery.img sending 'recovery' (3158 KB)... OKAY writing 'recovery'... FAILED (remote: flash write failure) What is wrong here...?
  7. After a day playing i have some problems: I lost my normal screen with dig clock and wether. Also background was lost and could not connect to teh computer anymore, the USB logo in the top of the screen did not come up. I did the whole thing (rooting) again and all is well again. Anyone? I was hoping to use 'backup for root users' as i did in my Magic. The progran starts and let me make a choice what to backup. It is making a folder on SD card but... nothing there? So not realy root? Ore is there an other issue here? Also i miss FLAC music suport. My magic did the trick after rooting but my Desire is not... I am intrested to understand how to get it working or why it is not...? Ernst-Jan
  8. I have rooted my Desire. I was hoping that Flac (Lossless audio codec) was working but sadly it is not. I was hoping Bacup for root users was working. It does something but far to quick... Something is wrong there...

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