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    xolo x900 .. Nexus 7 cm10
  1. Been running for a few hours and so far so good . Love the amount of control over customization . Thanks Paul :)
  2. Nope... Superuser has gone. Although i did a fresh install of ICS to try out the update , thats wiped it no doubt And when the update ran it said updating 62 apps .. dont ask me which one :P
  3. updating .. and .. and .. done :) can anyone else confirm adobe flash is no longer available after the update ? not visible on market :wacko:
  4. i'm tempted to give up root and update .. i wanna be different :P
  5. Do ya think they'd release an update to try and lock the phone down even more ? Or could it be a patch to get it ready for Jellybean :o
  6. clean install of ics , no root and still wont have it :angry2: Thats it .. i'm going for a pint :P
  7. are you rooted and using an sd card ?
  8. could be Ribs . gonna try and unroot , clean ics install and see what happens then
  9. update failed .. please try again later :( progress bar gets half way then the little green man falls down . I wonder if its failing because i'm using an SD card and the partition layout has changed ?
  10. Just checked the mu software updater on the xolo ICS rom and up pops an update , 27mb in size . Dont know what it is yet , but i'll install it and see whats new . Tak Hope i've put this in the right section :D mod edit : do not upgrade as you will loss recovery and fastboot
  11. I had the same trouble with it not saving the APN when i went from Orange to virgin . The phone uses T mobiles APN setings and works , so i'm happy with that :)
  12. I use mx player too . there's a little icon at the bottom right of the screen , tap it and it will change aspect ratio :)
  13. This is a handy little app to see what's running under the hood . . . https://play.google....XN0ZW1wYW5lbCJd
  14. Thats better , looking down on th galaxy s2 now :P
  15. On virgin , getting speeds ranging from 10 - 60 kbps during say 10 am to 10 pm . Got up early one morning and tested the speed ( about 5 am ) , got 6.8 Mbps . wide ranging is what i'd call the speed :P Anyway , got a another 10 weeks to go before i can unlock , then i'm off to 3 .
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