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  1. Hi all Yes, I was wondering about that too - when switching ROMs I usually wipe everything inc Ext but recently (been using the same ROM for a few weeks now) I have copied alot of mp3's onto the phone and got Titanium backups and stuff. If I wipe everything will my SD still contain my music (folder: sdroot/music) and Titanium backups (folder: sdroot/TitaniumBackup, I think) - or should I copy these folders over to my PC before the wipe? cheers, Thomas
  2. Yeah, you need to go back to stock. All you need to know is here my friend: h**p://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=614850 When you flash and re-boot your phone it'll prompt you to update to FRF91 (Froyo) OTA.. Good luck!
  3. Hey all Just a quick question from a newbie to Android. I've got an N1 holiday/developer phone with an SPL of ENG S-OFF which allows me to relock via fastboot. At this time I'm still running the stock build that came with the phone but I'm keen to move up to Froyo via signed zips (initially, just to see how things are - I'm going to move to a custom modaco ROM later). Anyway, noob question is: By flashing the PASSIMG signed ROMS and also, later on, custom ROMS I'm not actually at risk of losing my ENG S-OFF status am I? I notice that in the ERD79 PASSIMG there is an HBOOT.img and stuff. I wouldn't like to lose my ability to easily relock etc just by upgrading to a newer build! :angry: cheers, Thomas p.s. if I download the build upgrades as signed ROMs I assume all I need to do to install them is copy the zip to the root of the SDCard and boot into recovery - and it'll automatically upgrade itself? Is that correct - I don't need to mess around with fastboot or anything?
  4. Anybody know whether I'm safe to use the ERD79 version of Superboot with stock build ERD56C?
  5. I'm trying to download the ERD79 Stock image but the download always stops after 30mb? It will not download the whole thing? I also tried the EPE76 and the same thing happened - stopped after exactly the same 30mb's downloaded! Anybody help? EDIT: Scratch that...just some weird thing going on with Win7 - downloads fine via my Mac?? Gotta hate BillG :-/
  6. Your HBOOT needs to say ENG S-OFF to be able to re-lock via adb - I've got an engineering phone I guess.
  7. Hi all I've got an N1 developer phone so I can obviously relock the bootloader using 'adb oem lock'. As its a Dev phone tho, can I also get root in an easier way than using Superboot? Just figuring if I have the ability to relock the bootloader I would have the ability to do other stuff that the standard retail phones can't? cheers, Thomas
  8. Paul I've apparently got a Google 'Holiday' developer phone running build ERD56C. Am I safe to use the ERD79 version of SUPERBOOT? cheers, Thomas p.s. PM'd you about this phone in relation to another thread...
  9. I PM'd Paul about it but no response (well, he is a very busy man doing a load of other things, judging by his tweets!). I'm keen to get the phone flashed up to Froyo though - does anyone think there's any value in the comment about the phone being useful in the efforts to re-lock the bootloader, and I should wait (or re-double my efforts) for a response from Paul?
  10. Yes, I tried the Torch app which failed to run. I plugged the N1 into the USB port and turned on USB debugging - I then entered the adb remount command which failed with the error: remount failed: Operation not permitted I then just went ahead and did the adb pull which extracted the .zip file no problem.
  11. No - no need for root to do this seemingly, the instructions above worked fine. I've attached the zip file - MrNameless, if you include it in one of your ROMs give me a mention! ;-) ERD56C_bootanimation.zip
  12. Lol, cool - will definitely be having a go! :-) Btw, I PM'd Paul to give him the heads up - will let you know if he comes back to me..
  13. Yeah, no problem - if you tell me how to do it! :-)
  14. Hey Ushim6 - thanks for the reply! I've uploaded a couple of photos of the About Phone screen and the back cover with the Droid waving the flag logo. I also uploaded a video to YouTube of the boot animation on the phone which seems different from the standard animation (not the greatest quality but I'm no expert!) Thomas :-)
  15. Okay, it says ENG S-OFF - in that case may this phone possibly be a pre-release version? Very interesting... :-)
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