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  1. Both the dock and the app drawer pagination can be gotten rid of ridiculously easy by installing Launcher Pro, ADW EX, or any of the other launcher replacements.
  2. I check the first time, and any time an app requests a manual update. Any interim updates, I don't pay attention to - as I understand it, Google enforces a manual update if the permissions change from the original install.
  3. I assume you're missing some specific Dutch characters? You'd have to add them to the ttf, and I'm no font designer, so I'm not sure how it'd be done. :( Maybe Google can help. Glad everybody likes the font. :(
  4. You also need to download flash_image, which is on the first page. Store both on the root of your SD card. Use Root Explorer to copy or move both files from your SD card to the /data directory on the phone. Then, from a terminal app (Better Terminal, etc) on the phone, run the following: su chmod 755 /data/flash_image /data/flash_image misc /data/misc.img That will mark flash_image as executable and execute the flash, pushing the misc.img contents onto the misc block.
  5. Snarkasm


    It will go down. (Exactly as answered on XDA.)
  6. Attaching a zip with the font files I renamed. The non-mono fonts came from a font called Comfortaa; the mono is Vera Sans Mono. These are plug-and-play - back up your old versions of DroidSans.ttf, DroidSans-Bold.ttf and DroidSansMono.ttf and push these to your /system/fonts folder in their place. Replacing DroidSans.ttf pretty much updates everything in the system. Renamed_Fonts.zip
  7. I'll attach it when I get home. :(
  8. Mine worked by renaming the new fonts I wanted to use to the names of the fonts that were already in place. In other words, you currently have: DroidSans.ttf DroidSans-Bold.ttf DroidSansMono.ttf etc. I had some other font (I forget, let's say Helvetica for fun): Helvetica.ttf HelveticaBold.ttf HelveticaMono.ttf If you rename the Helveticas into the DroidSans names, back up the old fonts somewhere else, and then put your renamed fonts in the /system/fonts folder, it will work. Since we don't have /system write access while in the device, we can't tell Android to look at our different fonts while running - we just have to replace what's there. Worked for me:
  9. If you reboot to fastboot mode (power down, hold back button, hit power), you should have USB access that way; connect to the computer and, when the phone gets recognized, run "fastboot oem boot" from a command prompt on your computer. Unless, of course, you're saying you don't have physical USB access or something. In that case, I don't know of any way to view the CID from within the phone OS or anything.
  10. 1) By running step 1, you flash a test ROM to the device that has root permissions. 2) You will have root; it's permanent if you don't flash back a non-rooted ROM... 3) Sounds right. You'll have to enter the recovery menu to be able to get to adb, though - and you'll have to open a new cmd prompt and reuse adb-windows or what have you so you don't kill the other adb server. 4) If you reboot after step 1, you'll just have a plain test ROM with root. Nothing special, but you will be able to use root functions.
  11. This is entirely the wrong order. 5. Opened ConnectBot and did "su" then "chmod 755 /data/flash_image" then "cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data/flash_image" and finally "cat /sdcard/mtd0.img > /data/mtd0.img". su cat /sdcard/flash_image > /data cat /sdcard/mtd0.img > /data chmod 755 /data/flash_image /data/flash_image misc /data/mtd0.img
  12. The entitlement you see on the internet... if you want FroYo so badly, port it yourself. People are damn impatient.
  13. We don't have full RW access yet - only maddoxus does. People are investigating his phone to see if it's something we can extend to everybody. There's also work going on booting from SD (which a couple of people have working) and other alternate-boot style workarounds. All things in time. :(
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