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  1. Apparently it requires just 512MB to run! http://www.tomshardware.com/news/android-4.4-officially-announced,24931.html
  2. Phew! Had the same problem but this worked! Thanks for the tip!
  3. Update it from the market and it will work.
  4. The Camera EXIF data bug has been finally fixed. Congratulations guys! You're amazing!
  5. Thanks for the upload! I hope it fixes the problem!
  6. I checked it out by taking a pic immediately after installation and downloading it to my pc. Windows properties showed the exif correctly and Picasa also filed it properly. Then I installed LCR-F and.. er. it got screwed up again. Hence why I'm asking if anyone can upload the leak's camera apk in another thread... Update: It's really really strange. I even ended up reinstalling the whole leak from scratch and it's not working.. again! I give up. This feature is too important for me, so I've gone back to the official, 2.1 which has always worked fine. I have 150MB to play with, speed is good and camera works properly. No more 2.2 until the official version comes out.
  7. Can anyone save me going through re-installing the latest leak and uploading the apk for the camera please? :rolleyes:
  8. The date in the EXIF data of pictures taken with the camera on this leak is finally correct!!!!
  9. No, and noone seems to be bothered about it, either. I keep hoping maybe Acer fix it in one of their leaks.
  10. Buying for me is a problem. My credit card is not from the list of countries allowed to buy from the market. :)
  11. Cyanogen also has that really cool Power Control widget which lets you switch on and off mobile data with a single button! I really miss that feature!!!
  12. That's not a bug, as such. It's been the same with every Froyo leak up to now.
  13. I switched wifi off when I posted that last message. It's only gone down another 1% since then.
  14. Battery drain seems to be on the heavy side. 93% after 20 minutes left on the desk with wifi on. :)
  15. Wow guys! You managed to fix the problem with EXIF data in the camera too!!! This is awesome! Thanks!
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