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  1. Yeah I did :-) Hmm just noticed a 5500 second wakelock from colornote, probably why phone didnt sleep, and reboot for kernel install killed it.
  2. I reinstalled your kernel from the post and the phone does deep sleep now. Is it different from the one in the kitchen?
  3. I am aware of that. Thats why BLN was disabled. Phone deep sleeps again after i installed another BLN kernel, no other changes.
  4. That was without BLN app installed. btw, installing todays version with wipe data resulted in a bootloop
  5. Any RUU I try to run errors out with signature errors. Have tried several, with and without goldcard (functionality of which is unconfirmed). Anyone got any ideas how to proceed?
  6. http://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTEzMjI1MjMyOQ Thanx :)
  7. Same here. Full wipe was performed and I have tried clearing data for market. Hitting "retry" a few times works eventually...
  8. Hi Is it possible to make the screen scaling script optional so that we can use the new governors in setCpu profiles?
  9. I've deleted the 98mod01, but looks like I need to keep the other script cause setCPU wont detect the governors without it.
  10. Is it possible to install the governors without the scaling script to be able to use them in setCpu?
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