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  1. yeah i tried those things, no avail, sometimes it starts with 'reading sim' and sits there, won't move, if i back out and try again it sticks on 'enabling' not really sure, thanks for your response, at a dead end here though, i've tried everything, different zips, different files i think are checking the sim, sql files from GB builds that i know authenticated SIM, no clue really. i'm sure since it opens its some authentication issue, like it's not convinced this is a sensation 4g or something. thanks for your response.
  2. following instructions here, all i can do is get wifi calling to open, i thought that meant it would work, i've edited build.prop, tried multiple patches, it hangs on enabling, anyone else seeing this?
  3. this rom is fantastic, with the latest firmware 3.12 and the wifi calling fix, i now have wifi calling, gtalk, camera, everything except bluetooth and google tts is FC'ing frequently, no idea how to fix that, would like to use it tho, voice actions work, but i guess maybe navigation audio wouldn't, haven't tried yet. but honestly this rom is completely usable as a daily driver. excellent work here, impressive to say the least. can't ask for much more coming from one person, let alone a few / many. very happy with this install.
  4. has anyone tried the wifi calling fix for tmobile US posted on XDA? those guys have wifi calling working on ICS, but didn't know if it required htc kernel or not, i'm thinking it doesn't given the fact they're using a non-us ruu leaked rom and kernel. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1435743 just wondering if anyone has tried, i'll try it later i suppose when i get time.
  5. i'll pay someone to do this at this point. I HATE HATE HATE the stock camera on froyo, it's not even usable compared to what i had with the desire cam on 2.1. and now that the desire has 720p video in 2.2...well, i'm basically foaming at the mouth, please paul, i'll pay you, just name the price to make this happen.
  6. sorry, yes i wiped, coming from CM 5.0.6, i tried wiping, not wiping, wiping some stuff, everytime i flash it it's the same thing, no access to settings, and it's pretty unusable...i'm pretty new at this, but i grasp how this all works, i have apps2sd going i dunno if my sd card partitions could affect whats going on in the 2.2 flash or not, what i'd like is to be able to flash and not lose my apps, but thats not a HUGE issue, i just wanted to play with 2.2, but as of now, most of the new features are in the settings, and i can't even view that icon.
  7. anyone have any clues as to why when i flashed this i get force closes on launcher, and don't even have a settings icon, as in i have NO way to access settings, not with an icon in launcher, or even menu button/settings, does nothing. i'm wondering what i could have possibly done wrong considering it's just a flash and it boots ok.
  8. it worked, played with it for a few minutes, flashed over top of cm 5.0.6. i don't have a settings icon, clicking settings from the menu does exactly nothing, and app launcher force closes everytime i try to use it, so all i can really do is play around on the home screen, which seems more fluid, maybe i did something wrong, i dunno, but nothing really works at all besides it booting up. still nice to see work being done.
  9. hello, first post here, i actually just got my nexus one a few days ago, blackberry convert. besides the general awe of how rad android is, it's great to see communities and people like this, this is why i came over. anyway, did a nandroid backup, flashed over cm 5.0.6, seems to be working perfectly, wifi works, i can't get anything to error, the only thing that i think is maybe weird is that gallery doesn't seem to zoom properly, could just be me, and the naming/organization is a little sucky, but again, thats no big deal, and clearly already reported, just wanted to say thanks and works great! :huh:
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