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  1. hi peeps..just upgraded my 4gb to 8gb few days ago..my problem is i couldn't install android on my new mem card..(w/ 4gb, i haven't experienced any problem installing it)..can anybody help me get this to work? i want to use android without having to change my phone..thanks in advance...
  2. hi guys..just wanna ask if our b7610 is capable of acting as a gsm modem..if so, could you post the instructions on how to accomplish this...either thru bluetooth or thru usb connection... tia...
  3. this is good news...could you share the procedures to get them working?
  4. @centodue, how about the phone call interruption in less than a minute..? i stopped using android for a while bec. of the reason that phone calls are disconnected in less than a minute conversation...any solution on this?
  5. guys, i have a question..is there any browser that is capable of running facebook apps?
  6. wonderful share, kabayan...bookmarked... :mellow:
  7. wow, nice thread...thanks for this..bookmarked...
  8. have you tried formatting your sd card? it happened to me when i tried to reinstall froyo..i think ErnstJanF has created a thread on this one.. anyways, let me try... first you need to backup your sd card, then download minitool partition wizard, plug your phone, open mtpw then select the drive of your sd card, right click, select merge, then scroll all the way at the end of the partition (this way, the previously created partition of your first froyo installallation will be merge to your current windows partition), then apply...next thing you need to do is to format it using from your winmo...then run haret from o2beta folder... hth... :mellow:
  9. you can press and hold the end/power button when you're in android then select reboot..or if your android hangs, you can press the reset button, (the small button on top of the sleep/wake button... btw, i'm still having prob with android increasing temp...is there a work around for this?
  10. i used android for one whole day and i do sometimes get an error messages like process.acore, mail error, and framework error blah, blah (with force and wait button), and need to reset and boot w/ winmo then run haret again... here's what i noticed...our phone produces more heat than when running winmo..is there solution for this? i stopped using android this morning 'coz i'm worried that it might damage my phone..but all in all, it was a great experience..keep it up guys.. btw, i've installed gh5 and it works... :mellow:
  11. thanks tjeerdos..i have downloaded some .apk yesterday..i'll try them today...thanks everyone..
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