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  1. Hi, When you debranded it, you had to flash the stock Samsung UK Rom via Odin, so you wont get any updates from your carrier, over the air or via kies. Instead you will have to find a stock 2.3.5 update and flash it via odin in the same way you did with 2.3.4. The changes from one version to the next are very small, so its worth checking the forums to see if there are any noticable changes before updating, otherwise its not really worth it. Hope this helps Aaron
  2. I think its just that XDA is a bigger and better known website then modaco, and has a larger community anyway. I get the impression that lower-end phones have a bigger community here, while the higher end phones are over at XDA.... Aaron
  3. Launcher Pro - It's fully customisable and allows use of themes. Also has loads of usefull features like scrollable widgets and stuff
  4. I'm not sure if Samsung were high when they numbered the firmwares, but niether KF3 of KF4 are the latest, KF2 is. There is roumor of 2.3.4 being KF7, which will mean it had to come by thursday, and that will be the latest (don't know what happened to KF5/6...)
  5. Hi all, Yesterday I flashed KF2 on my phone, and then Liteningn Rom from the XDA forums, so that I could easily get cool features like the CRT-off and the advanced power menu. The one thing I don't like is the blue theme, and so I would like to know if there is an easy way of getting the stock theme back, either by flashing something in recovery, or by copying some files over in root explorer. Thanx Aaron
  6. You can download ODIN and then use this to flash new firmware. It will let you flash any firmware you want so you can put KE7 on it, or KF2 (which is the latest one and supposedly fixes battery drain problems) Most of the firmwares are unbranded (I flashed KF2 yesterday and I can't see any branding) If you flash an official update then KIES will still recognise it for updating it later, but I understand that ODIN is more popular as you can flash any firmware (including custom kernels), and KIES sometimes fails. ODIN is probably best documented over at XDA (They have a much bigger GSII community than here) You can download new firmware from samfirmware.com, which will also tell you how to use ODIN. CM7 is being worked on but is not available yet. Aaron
  7. Hi, I have installed Launcher Pro on my GSII and have put the digital clock widget on my home screen to try and create a stock look. However when I tried to add the accuweather.com widget it was only 2 blocks wide and then when tried to stretch it to 4 wide it went funny (the blue block was in the middle with text either side), and when its turned horizontally, it does the same thing. Does anyone know why it does this on Launcher Pro and not on touchwiz, and how I can fix it? Thanx Aaron
  8. Hi, Could someone please enlighten me as to the advantages and disadvantages to these two methods of updating my phone. In particular I would like to know: i) Will updating with either of them un-root my phone? (I am running rooted stock KE7) ii) Will either of them wipe my phone, or do I keep all my apps and stuff? iii) Any big advantages of one over the other. Thanks Aaron
  9. I think an MHL cable is an MHL cable so it should work with any device with an MHL output.
  10. Hi all, I recevied my galaxy S II today, and ive downloaded kies, but when I plug the GSII in, I am told to disconnect my device and reconnect it in kies mode.. In the help section, it says that it will ask what mode you want when you connect it (like on HTC phones) but I dont get this. Am I doing something wrong or just missing something really simple? Thanx Aaron
  11. Hi, I'm looking at getting a dock for my GSII. Will this work out of the micro-USB port on the back of that? Also, will the USB output from the adapter work for data transfer? Thanx Aaron
  12. The have a picture of it somewhere, and its basicly a PS2 controller that uses bluetooth to connect to your phone. I think its probably worth waiting for if you dont need it right now.
  13. Hi all, Im looking at buying a Galaxy S II from Dial-a-phone, and I have a question about the contract. The phone costs £29. When I buy the contract do I have to pay the £29 + one month contract, or do I pay for monthly amount after a month? Thanx Aaron
  14. A: The source code is the raw files and code that make up the kernel when it is compiled. Devs can edit it to add new features to the kernel for that device. B: Check the vega forums on this site and look for information about an official honeycomb update (I think there may be one soon) C: Again check the vega forums and look for information about clockwork mod recovery or amonra recovery which will let you back up your current setup and then restore it if something goes wrong.
  15. This works with the S II if you download the Bluez IME app
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