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  1. Mixy

    Best rom for s2?

    I am currently on Cognition 1.5.1, works like a charm. Ive tested alot of ROMs, and my favorite is Oxygen (get it at forum.oxygen.im), clean AOSP build. Only problem for me is no video out, so i am waiting for that to be supported, definately going back. With my desire i always went back and forth between AOSP MCR and Oxygen, both are great ROMs :)
  2. Im afraid i dont have a good answer, but your remote wipe theory seems valid. Wether its Activesync, Google, virus or Samsung i dont know, but it seems you are not alone: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=17065087
  3. Mixy

    CDC Serial

    Try installing Kies from Samsung.com :)
  4. You have questions about battery, wich is really valid and a good question. That has been asked before. Asking it over and over wont help. Starting 4 threads about battery is also not too great. Sorry for wasting your time with my answers in 3 of your threads. They all say the same.
  5. http://xs.to/media/23065 http://xs.to/media/23067 Have any more questions you want to repeat? Here is a few you could try: How do i use the search funciton? What should a thread title contain? Can i trust the answer i got in the other thread?
  6. Whatever you like it wont harm the battery, thats the point of this feature. Im pretty sure that when it plings "100%", it is actually 100% and not 95%
  7. Mixy

    Battery Issue

    Correct. But afterwards you can charge it as you like. Just make sure to give it a full cycle every month or so.
  8. With every LiIon battery it gets charged to 100%, but then it stops charging, and discharges to about 90-95%, before charging back up. Its to conserve the lifetime of the battery. Its just not as clear on every device.
  9. Mixy

    Battery Issue

    Also: the first couple of charges on LiIon batteries will suck compared to the usage after the first couple of weeks.
  10. Hi! As you may well know, the MicroSD card in our phones is mounted as /sdcard/external_sd, so when i use syncing programs like Google Music or doubletwist the media gets synced to the internal space. Is there anyway to force them to use the external_sd folder? As far as i can see, there is no setting in the apps themselves to do this. Do i have to copy the media manually after syncing? Defies the whole "sync" in my eyes. Thanks
  11. Mixy

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    Wait some more ;)
  12. Mixy

    Getting Google Music (here's what I did)

    Any idea why i get the "We're sorry. Music Beta is currently only available in the United States" When i am connected to VPN in USA? Checked it with iplocator or something, placed me in Chicago. Also changed the settings for my account to say country "US". Thanks EDIT: Booted computer and restarted VPN. Did the trick :D
  13. Thanks. Will be sure to test it out after a couple of days (checking normal battery use for comparison later). Should note that its not the app itself that is using battery, so more than 2% wouldnt be expected. If it keeps the OS alive, thats where you should see the increased battery usage.

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