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  1. Hi All, I updated my G2 touch earlier in the year to T-mobiles 2.1 update, however i am now sick and tired as this ROM is so so slow and struggles to run anything. my phone is now rooted via the UniversalAndRoot App and i have installed Rom Manager then Via Rom manager I installed the RA recovery v1.7.0.1 or can switch to ClockworkMod 2.5.01 which ever is best? i also installed overclock widget to see if that speeded things up which it has but i think there is still lots of rubbish that T-mobile has bundled in that i dont need. My questions now are what is the best rom for me to use and how do i install it? is there a 2.2 froyo that i can use or higher? where can i download the rom and please please please provide easy step by step instructions as im pretty new to all this. and not quite sure what im doing.
  2. i gave the g1 away to a mate at work, he was gonna try and send it back off to htc? by this time i had brought a g2.
  3. hi i tried to root my old g1 and bricked it so now I'm to nervous to try on my precious g2 lol, what would be a fair price to pay?
  4. Hi is there anyone close to stafford who would root and install custom madaco 2.1 latest version if i pay them if so how much and where are you? i have a tmobile g2 with official firmware.
  5. hi i have tried to download the none branded ruu but when i put in my serial number it says this rom will not work with my phone? is that because mine is a tmobile g2? do i have to use the tmobile g2 rom? is there any way i could use the none branded one? i want to go back to official as i think the ruu will be far safer than me trying to flash it again, i have already broken a g1 and really dont want to break this g2!
  6. hi when i link my phone to my laptop with htc sync running the laptop and htc sync does not detect my phone? i am running madaco 2.2. i click htc sync on the phone it starts to show the busy loop then nothing? nothing detected?
  7. thanks for the replys! when will the official oem 2.1 rom be out for the hero?
  8. hi all im curently running madaco 2.2, and wanted to know if there was any way of getting the bluetooth file transfer to work on the hero as i have tried about 3 or 4 aps from the market and i just get messages saying that bluetooth file transfer is not compatable with thie htc hero?
  9. thanks for the replys!
  10. thank you i guess this will unroot it whe i run ruu?
  11. OK perhaps somebody could tell me where i went wrong when i tried to update the radios on my G1 then i wont make the same mistake on my G2? i first off all booted in to the recovery menu (Amon raa) i think it was, i then installed the main custom ROM by copying the rom i wanted to SD card then putting card into G1 and selecting install from SD update.zip. then i deleted the update zip ROM from the card and copied the radios to the card as update.zip and installed this the same way (install from SD update.zip). then the phone booted to the G1 screen and wouldn't go any further, i left it for about 2 hrs and nothing. please can somebody tell me if this is wrong and the exact correct procedure step by step. IE what to install first IE the ROM or the radios and how to install each. (as i remember at the time i was told i flashed / updated somthing the wrong way round) i was told i should have flashed the radio before flashing the SPL ( whats a SPL) also is this right do i flash the radio before SPL. thank you all for you help so far Crusader
  12. Hi please could somebody tell me.... i have a custom ROM Madaco 2.2 on my hero, if i for any reason wanted to go back to the official ROM would it be safe to just run the official RUU from the htc site, or do i have to unroot or change other settings first?
  13. i used that exact method to update the radio on g1 and it bricked it?, do i have to flash the radio? i would prefer not to update radio!
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