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  1. Anyone, who could share latest J-Mod, around here? Thx!
  2. I wonder, if the cam of lutea will work with custom Roms. Are there different drivers?
  3. thank you very much, toti! and -of course- to Antonio also do you have a deodex-script also? ...hm... i wonder, if i should give a DTa2sd-free-setup a try. with dalvik-cache not on sd, i fear that the memory will run out of space. and will titanium-backup of 65 apps work? hm... best regards
  4. thx! i think about trying your performance zip. DTa2sd is not included, is it? and does your perforance zip work with amonra?
  5. could you find the bullet to bite it? :P
  6. I changed "ro.config.hw_customizeType=" to "2", but the text is still black. i could not find "ro.config.PopupTwink=true"
  7. 1.4 still runs very very impressive. I now think about moving from very stable CM61, as j-mod 14 runs really speedy AND stable on my wife 's pulse with less issues. even jit seems to run very stable too. only issue i have is regarding great market app acontacts: it doesn 't let me edit my contacts. but that's up to acontacts i guess. z AND: i installed Espresso framework and can't remember, how to get rid of black clock on black Background.... :-D could anyone help ,please? i could not find anything about that yet, although i know there is more than one threat about.
  8. Do you face some issues? Have installed J-Mod 1.4 and titanium-restored 57 apps this morning. I'm pretty impressed by the speed. How fast could it be with overclocked kernel? Your rom might be first choice at the moment. CM6.1 is very stable, but not as fast at all. AND: i could not get flb-mod stable on my device. there might be a tweak too much here and there. well, i am kind of late, but I REALLY DO LIKE YOUR MOD!!! only thing i dislike at the moment is, that i can 't sort "lastname firstname". i use stock contacts and acontacts. any idea?
  9. it 's us to say thank you, john. looking forward to try your rom on my wife's pulse. i will only install few apps and i guess your very basic rom will be a fast and stable base. are there any issues? do you recommend any configuration? that 's what plan at the moment (panasonic class4-card) 128 ext2/ 96 swap/ a2sd swappy15/nocache/jit enabled/heap 24 mb setcpu with 691 and 35% upthreshold tomorrow morning or evening. :P
  10. http://android.modaco.com/content/t-mobile...-and-oc-kernel/
  11. go john go... my wife lost her pulse and the new one is on its way... could arrive today. should i wait for the next release? BTW: i use ADW also, but stock launcher fits better to j-mod.
  12. ooops... didn 't use adw for a while... thx anyway!
  13. I can 't set number of the screens in ADW-options. I don't really need 5 screens. I would prefer having 2 or 3. Possible? BTW: Installed 70 Apps meanwhile and my Pulse ist still very fast. I use a2sd for Apps and Dalvik on sd, Swapper with Swap-File 64MB and of course some overclock and jit and compcache. This is almost my final setup and really appreciate Tom's CM03. It is the most "final-rom" i ever had on my pulse. FLB startet random rebooting and hanging by time, especially when i used all the performance tweaks... but not with this rom... The only app, wich hangs very often, is the market. No more restarts of ADW, as home-app has to stay in memory (CM-settings). All in all it's just .... WoW....
  14. try dialor one from the market: dialer One is smart multilingual T9 like dialer application. *Speed dial *Call log grouped by contact *Send contact *Customizable *Swipe between screens *Tone dial *Export calls *Simultaneous search on calls and contacts on two languages
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