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  1. K. Thx then i made everything right this time :P As i mentioned before big apps seem to be moved to sd very well but small apps (below 1mb) seem to go directly to internal memory. Do i just imagine that or has anyone else made this experience?
  2. Is a SWAP partition required in order for A2SD to work or is it recommended to use a swap partition? I left mine at 0mb cause i couldn´t see why to use swap.
  3. Hello after reading all this about rooting here i decided to register :huh: I have one questioin. A2SD seems to work on my desire. (have the dalvik fresh version running) My partion values are SWAP: 0 EXT 1024 FAT32 Rest (8GB) card. My question is, is a swap file neccessary because A2SD seems to work pnly when downloading big files from the market. Small aps below 1mb seem to go directly to the internal memory?! Does a swap file avoid this? One other question i have. I installed the a2sd from my goldcard, then inserted the sd i want to use, partioned it, booted my desire and uesed it. Now i have read articles that user installed a2sd directly from the sd card the use and it seems to work as good as the goldcard step?! Thanks btw for all the work you have done with the a2sd and the dalvik update.
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