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  1. thanks a lot. I did the same thing too. Too bad the android development for Omnia isn't done yet, if it was, I would have saved this device. No updates either or offers from the samsung apps store makes this kapish!
  2. I did set it to high and the gamelist.ini file I tried however the speed is still the same, it must be the video drivers because in landscape mode the 3d hardware accelerator does not work only in portrait does it work, if you'll notice when in portrait the FPS is 50-60+ but in landscape it goes to 30-40+ but at least tekken 3 is playable to the rest the video at the start of the game gets messy but after that all goes well
  3. you'll notice some frameskips at time but thanks it works! it's now playable
  4. I observed that the loss in ram was caused by the windows start menu, thus disabling the start menu and using the samsung menu prevents ram leaks, so I'm staying with 6.5
  5. Thank you very much for this, I guess everyone was looking for this updated ones!
  6. thanks man, looks like multitasking will be a problem on this It's on megalite, was expecting more RAM aww thanks anyway! staying with experiments
  7. the whole support for this phone is dead even from samsung itself. Win7 is where everyone's attention is right now so don't raise up any hopes for this.. it's sad really, after a year then poof!!
  8. you have to extract the nb0 file from the mst and use that file to flash
  9. I should say, fpsece is still the best emulator because most PS1 games are compatible, keys are mappable. The keyboard of our phone the controller, very A plus!
  10. how do you get the camera to work? tried the cab file for IL2 but it doesn't work
  11. Tried the camera, don't see much difference. Still a noisy shot (red and green pixels) when taken on a dark setting with no flash. Stable rom though. Say what is the name of the task manager cooked in here?
  12. camera shot is great with flash, clear and crisp. Try a shot without the flash on a dim lit area and see if the picture will have shades of unwanted red, green pixels
  13. can't wait! better camera? wow now where did he get those drivers or that fix! looking forward to it kabayan!
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