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  1. Nice to see the 32s turning up... Had my 16 since Friday so also at work. The day draaaaagged!
  2. That's connected to a WiFi access point but not connected to the big G...
  3. Thats normal behaviour if its on but not connected, no system icon but on indicated by toggles or powercontrols etc.
  4. Same here, got a 16GB on 1-2 weeks shipping. WTF?!? Got the receipt email from Google but still shows as pending when I check the order. Nope, ordered at 5:09 which was pretty much when they came online as 5pm was missed, no despatch info, just a pending order in the play store. E-commerce is definitely not their strong point.
  5. Managed to use stock and TW for a day then went custom Sammy based ROM with my usual Nova launcher. That lasted for a couple of days but as I've come from a Gnex I'm used to vanilla Android and of course JB. Currently running a CM10 kang and it will only be replaced with something AOSP based! Sammy have greatly improved TW and have incorporated some great features but not enough to make it better than pure JB in my opinion. Didn't use it for long enough to comment on its effect on battery, but with my current setup I get a whole day with 3-4hrs screen on time, noticeable better than my Gnex with extended battery. Just waiting for the official JB release from Sammy along with kernel sources so CM10/AOSP can fix the last few issues, especially the memory leak.
  6. You likely need to unfreeze it using Titanium Backup as it there, just not showing.
  7. Good to hear, I'm 5 days into ownership and after coming from a Gnex I'm really struggling with Sammys core apps! Looking out for the vanilla version... Also, another OTA leak dropped today, dated today! http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1844887
  8. Just checked and its not being baked in, didn't realize as I have it as part of my TiBu...
  9. Easiest way is to use Titanium Backup and unfreeze those apps, otherwise you can do it via Terminal. http://db.tt/AIO2fYtM
  10. Exchange working fine for me, even with security policy removed which started with a couple of FC's on Exchange...
  11. Doesn't show in Settings -> Apps. In work/training so no adb, but worked perfectly in Terminal so sorted! Thanks mate!
  12. For those with SU probs, flash this one: http://db.tt/lANUFPqA Paul, I'm having troubles with Wallet. Included it in my custom bake and it shows in \system\app but not in my app list. Downloaded your new patched version and replaced using Root Explorer but still doesn't show?
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