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  1. Sorry for my bad english. I cannot help because I'm not developer and not understand nothing about mobile programming. I recognize every effort and dedication of all developers that are working hard to give to Omnia 2 a good Android but when we are accustomed to use many resources on WM and we lose these resources on V7 ROM or on TWISTER ROM, so, it is very hard to deal with this situation. I like very much of Omnia 2 but unfortunately today is used many new app that aren't made for him anymore on WM OS, and have the battery for 5 or 6 hours if the data mobile connection is activated on Android OS, it is also very complicated. What I meant is that I am thinking in swap the Omnia 2 for a new smartphone like Galaxy S3 MINI because the resources on 2 models is very similar like front and back cameras with respectives pixels and resolutions, screen size, screen resolution, screen type, width x height x length, weight, and more. Is only this. :blush:
  2. Dude... I installed the V7 on my Omnia 2 too and the battery discharges quickly when I using few functions. In Android, the battery keep 36 hours on stand by and on phone in 2G mode. In WM, the battery keep 4 or more days. In Android we lost the front camera and the light flash of the back camera not works. When I try to film any thing, the camera freezes and I need restart the smartphone. About wi-fi, I need activate it 5 times or more to find the wi-fi nets. I think that the battery discharges quick because the Android runs over of WM. If there was a way the Android be run alone, without WM, I think that the battery would last more hours. So... exist some bugs to fix and some resources to create that I am desiring to use Android on Omnia 2 and I am studying buy a new Samsung smartphone similar to Omnia 2. I saw the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini model. Look the comparative about the 2 models on page http://www.tudocelular.com/compare/1799-2355.html . The page is on portuguese language but is easy to understand.
  3. Hi. 1- I would like to know about front camera. When it will be able to working ? 2- The video made camera and camcorder is stopping the camera or camcorder and to do them work again i have to reboot the phone. 3- Has a way to reboot only Android without take reboot the phone ? Thanks.
  4. Is possible set a custom folder to group the files and folders of Android and folders and files of the new apps will be installed ? I installed the Android in internal memory of Omnia 2 but natively the system creates the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR in root of SD external card. When I install new apps, so, the respective files and folders are created in root of SD external card. I followed the steps on http://www.modaco.com/topic/346446-stopped-cyanogenmod-beta2-omnia-2-updated-04052012/?p=1853710 but the SD external isn't mounted and the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR begin to be created in root of the internal memory called /storage. What I want is group all files and folders of Android in only one folder. Well, I created the folder \storage\ANDROID_SO and put inside there the files haret.exe, zImage and startup.txt. I want set the folder \storage\ANDROID_SO for the Android system create the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR inside there. I want too set that the folders and files of the new apps installed be created inside of folder \storage\ANDROID_SO. Thank for any help.
  5. Okay. Thank you for your help. I will open a new topic because I used all possibility of combination the lines on both files but didn't work. http://www.modaco.com/topic/370001-group-the-files-and-folders-of-android-inside-of-an-custom-folder/ Thanks.
  6. Men... before write my last post I tried the 2 ways that you quoted. I already had made both procedures after read your message http://www.modaco.com/topic/363114-samsung-i8000-omnia2-android-cm6new-rom-v1/?p=2196718. So, for each procedure, the problem is: The external SD card not is mounted. Only show the internal memory like /storage folder. When I click up folder /sdcard and /storage, so, both open the internal memory(8Gb). The external SD card not is mounted and the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR are created in root of internal memory. As I am not a developer or programmer, what I want should be easy to do but I don't know how I could do that and I didn't find nothing about this on Google. I only want put all folders and files of Android inside of only 1 folder and organize the folders on root of internal memory because I still have the WM 6.5 working in my phone. On my internal memory has many folders of windows mobile apps. Look... In root of my internal memory I created the ANDROID_SO folder and I put inside there the files haret.exe, zImage and startup.txt. Now, I am looking a way to do the Android system create on the /storage/ANDROID_SO too the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR like the news files and folders of new apps that I will install. Did you understand me now ? All files and folders of Android inside the same folder /storage/ANDROID_SO. Could you help me in this issue ? P.S.: 1- Internal memory is the same thing that /storage or /A Minha Memória. 2- I changed the icon of haret.exe file on windows mobile to the Android icon green..... rsrsrsrsr.
  7. Thank you for your help. I saw the topics but any helped me in my issues. I only can import the contacts of SIM card if the Android see these contacts. This is the smaller issue and I can try solve it later. The first issue to solve is put the Android files and folders in the same folder. I created in root of my internal memory(storage with 8Gb) a folder called "ANDROID_SO". Inside of it I put the files haret.exe, zImage and startup.txt. Now I need set the Android system to create the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR inside of "ANDROID_SO" folder and set the installation of the new apps to "ANDROID_SO" folder too. This way, I will have the folders and files of Android on the same place, on the same folder. Did you understand what I want to do ? I'm not a developer and not speak english very well. :unsure: Thank you.
  8. The problem is that it always say "No contacts on your sim card" independent of the sim manager that I use. I read to do the instructions below in "airplain mode": http://en.kioskea.net/faq/15463-android-how-to-importing-contacts-from-your-sim I will try it and the apps that you indicated but I want to do it only after install Android and all folders in internal memory. Could you help me in that ? Please !! I tried to find something about this theme for few hours but I didn't find nothing. Maybe, I'm not using the right words to do the search. Thank you for any help.
  9. Greeeeeeeeat job of all developers involved in this project. Congratulation for initiative of you. Well, I have an Omnia 2 wm 6.5 professional and I installed the Androind in my internal memory(8Gb) but are created the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR on SD external card like the folders of app that I install on Android. Then: 1- Exist a way to Android create these folders in root of internal memory(8gb) instead in root of SD external card or set that the Android stay all in 1 only folder on root like "Android_SO" and inside of "Adroid-SO" folder would be the folders Android, .android_secure and LOST.DIR, and the folders of the apps ? 2- The wi-fi sometimes works and sometimes not. When it not works I need to restart the smartphone. 3- My contacts in SIM card are not visible in none chip manager. I've tried some procedures like "import/export" contacts and the steps described on page http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=8777609&postcount=11&nocache=1&z=1769853590521961 but nothing worked. Some suggestion to fix it ? Thanks.
  10. I have the same problem with my Samsung Omnia II. I do download the RMVB movie and I play it on mobile screen with Windows Media Player but when I connect the TV-out cable then the movie not show on TV. When the movie is playing and I change some option in Windows Media Player, then some frames of the movie show quickly on TV screen. The avi movie work fine because it is open with Media Player and not Windows Media Player. Someone knows how can I fix it ? Thank you.
  11. Well, I deleted the registry key: [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager\Filters\ENCFilt] "DeviceGUID"=hex:D7,E4,5C,D3,EA,41,4E,38,26,A0,8B,0B,47,B5,23,B0 "PolicyDLL"="DeviceEncryptionPolicy.dll" "EncryptByDefault"=dword:00000000 I lost the option to encrypt the memory card on Start>>Settings>>tab Advanced>>System>>Encryption but now the EncFiltLog.menc file isn't created in memory card and I can format the memory card by explorer of Omnia. Thanks.
  12. I have an Omnia II and my problem with the EncFiltLog.menc file began after I uninstalled the Android of memory card because the battery run very fast and the back of the Omnia II was very hot. Well, after uninstalled the Android, every time when I plug the Omnia on the PC as a pen drive, the file EncFiltLog.menc is created automatically on memory card being viewed through windows explorer of the PC. When I modify the USB connection to "My Memory"(8Gb) or "Active Sync", the file did not appear. Is just to change the USB connection to "Memory Card" that miserable EncFiltLog.menc file display. I already deleted the file, formatted the SD card, deleted the partition and created either in SD and Nothing. The file was there. I did the hard-reset but did not work too. I checked all the configuration of keys in [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\StorageManager] but there's nothing wrong. The Encryption of SD is disabled on the Omnia. I tried changing the formatting system for ExFAT but fails because the exfat.dll file does not exist Omnia. Only has the fatfsd.dll to FATFSD formatting system. I tried to replace the original files mencfilt.dll and cachefilt.dll to force the system to create new, if they were corrupted, but it didn't work too. The interesting that I cannot see the file through the Omnia explorer, only through windows explorer of PC. Then, I cut the file from SD card, put it on a PC folder, renamed the file to Encfiltlog1.menc, put it again in SD card an when I tried renamed the file to the original name, show me the massage: "Cannot rename file "Encfiltlog.menc". The porcess cannot access the file because another process has locked a portion of the file." Seems that the automatic partition process of Android to SD card put a command on windows mobile that everytime when I plug the Omnia on PC the windows mobile create automaticaly the "Encfiltlog.menc" file on SD card. Someone could help me to solve that problem ? Thank you. :D
  13. robrazil

    DskDump 2.0

    Hi, Thal. I have a Omnia 2, of TIM, and it is I800L too and I hadn't any problem to use dskdump.exe and create rom_dump.bin file in root of Memory Card(Cartão de Memória). The rom_dump.bin has 300Mb. Did you checked if your have free space enough in your memory card ? :rolleyes: If you want, send me a private message and we talk in portuguese.
  14. Hi, yorkhoh. Thank you for your answer. Well, I didn't change my ROM yet. I'm reading many posts about the procedure before to do it because I don't want to have my Omnia like a "paperweight". Then, I'm looking for some alternatives solutions. I did what you wrote but in both dialers, Samsung and WM, the hour of calls isn't registered for all days, but only todays calls. In WM dialer, I see the hour of call only if I to access the contact's register, like yun can see on the pictures below: ......Samsung Dialer..............Samsung Log Calls........Sansung Log Contacts ...........WM Dialer......................WM Log Calls.................WM Log Contacts I'm trying to find any way to change the native call log of Samsung, or WM, and show the hour of calls on all days, on register, like the call log of P.h.o.n.e.x dialer: ....P.h.o.n.e.x call log Do you know if it is possible ? :rolleyes:

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