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  1. WiFi is not working for me. It worked great on Build 27 but for some reason on Build 31, I turned it on and it turned back off. Is this a known bug or should I re-flash?
  2. 4.004.14.EMEA.GEN1.bin is not available on tht page :(

  3. All the bin files are here- . If you have Liquid E, choose 512MB, if you have A1, choose 256MB. Good luck.

  4. hello !!


    can u plls send me a download link for it ?! plls !

    or anyother .bin on top of which i can flash liquid next !! thanx !

  5. Ic. Wasn't sure if LiquidNext would work on top of non-EMEA bins or not. If it works, then yeah, no need to flash a bin. Just install Malez and everything after that is easy.
  6. Try buying an unlock code. You should be able to get it off eBay for cheap from a reputable seller.
  7. From what I understood, he had stock Fido ROM (so guessing Liquid E) and wanted LiquidNext
  8. Check the Ultimate Liquid Thread stickied above, everything you need is there- http://android.modac...-liquid-thread/ Get a 2.2 EMEA .bin file from here- http://android.modac...act-collection/ (4.002.14.EMEA.GEN1 I think is the best, guessing you have Liquid E so look for 512MB Liquid) Use 4.1 of this thread to flash it Install Malez (post 2 of that thread) Flash the ROM (post 4)
  9. Thrill got delayed AGAIN. Think I am just going to settle with an Atrix.
  10. Good point on Set On Boot. Lol I am used to flashing the old Phh kernels which would boot at higher frequencies (had a bootloop when trying to flash his 1.2GHz one) but you are right, the Ritchen ones boot at 768MHz and can be overclocked using an app like SetCPU. As far as most, not entirely sure about that. Just seems like most people who overclock do it to 998MHz. Good idea on a poll.
  11. It really depends on the phone itself. Some run stable at 1.1GHz, most (mine included) seem to runs table at 1GHz, some can't be overclocked over 800MHz. To overclock, you need an OC kernel flashed. Once the kernel is flashed, you can use a program (like SetCPU to change the frequency or if you are using Cyanogen/LiquidNext, do it in the settings menu). Ritchen made a bunch which work on stock ROMs and Acer-based ROMs, not sure where it is but I am sure you can find it through a search (also most custom ROMs have it included. I recommend LiquidNext as it is Gingerbread with all hardware working and fairly stable, worth checking out in my opinion). Prior to overclocking, I recommend that you have a Nandroid backup at your current clock speed (incase your phone is unstable or unable to boot so you can easily revert to regular speed). Hope that helps.
  12. I am awaiting the LG Thrill (Optimus 3D with HSPA+ for AT&T). Expected to be coming out at the end of the month. Though now that the Atrix bootloader has been unlocked, it really is an attractive option (just wish the phone wasn't so damn ugly).
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