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  1. What keeps me: Mostly the fact that this thing is WINDOWS :) Office, and all the goodies And most importantly WLM with send/recieve files and display pics + voice clips What lures me away: Nothing really, anything without windows is for idiots
  2. Now I considered myself one of the geeks in WinMo, but.. what in the world is this thing and what does it do? :rolleyes:
  3. Still works as of 3rd december However it wouldn't let me buy Spore because of my country <_<
  4. Hi there. I am had quite a few HTC mobiles in my history Orange SPV, E100, E200, Qtek 8310, Touch Dual and now Touch Diamond and I haven't yet have had a cooked rom on either of them, mostly the fear of all the wierd steps there is to take and the fact you loose warrenty. I've looked a bit on the xda site and htere seems to WWE roms, and some is marked GER and ITA. I however have a danish device. First and foremost: How do I know if any of the roms will support/be danish? Can anyone suggest any roms, if possible, and tell their ups and downs? What am I looking for in a rom? Well, honestly, im not 100% sure, a faster Touch Diamond would be nice, but I still like the TouchFlo 3D design there is, unless the other roms has a way cooler one ;). So main thing is speed, and must be danish with danish t9 and all that.
  5. After setting the things that Iheard, im getting a quite good one. (main use: texting) Disabling the 3g part as above, and 2ndly which seemed to do a lot for me: Set down the background light to the 3rd lowest one. This and remembering to lock the "keys" when not using it, seems to give me 2 days of lifetime
  6. ...and wheres the Touch Dual 6.1 upgrade? :D
  7. Hi there, im baaack :( I just got my Touch Dual yesterday so im still new to it, but I want to make some DVDs to play on its soon big 8gb microSD card. For now ive tried: CloneDVD Mobile with a successfull xvid conversion of The Simpsons Movie (danish subs), 20 fps, 320 x 240 solution and a size of 395mb Spb Mobile DVD with also a succesfull conversion of The Simpsons Movie in wmv (danish subs), 20 fps, 320 x 240 solution and a size of 220mb When watching both the quality of picture and sound looked almost the same, so why is CloneDVD so much worse? I also tried to pick wmv with the CloneDVD but it also estimated the file size to 395 there. Is there a better program to use to convert DVDs? any tips gladly appreciated As well as if you knwo some games that is optimized for the Touch or Touch Dual phones, To both, yes im willing to pay for the program or game, so you can tell me the very very best ^^
  8. I'd like to know which ones is good for it too? Ive tried multiple PPC games but none of them uses it touch flo thing to anything? Is there no games "made" for the Touch Flo screens functionality yet or somefin?
  9. Great offer, but in Denmark theres several online stores with the same offer to around the same price, so I think ill take one of those instead
  10. 1) You mean so it shows the location of the network your connected to? Me tooo, miss that tbh :P 2) If you mean the wierd small black/white picture things nokias send to eachother, then no, if you think about the SMS messages that looks like a bear or something then yes :) 3) TONS of places, google the word "WM2003 Homescreens" or similar and youll get a ton of resuslts, if not, pM and ill search some for ya? Got a nice cow theme for my E200, I never use it anymore but it was made personally for me so im proud of it ;)
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