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  1. Sure, but I think these people are entitled to common courtesy. Nobody is entitled to new releases, but I feel like we're are entitled to updates at best, and closure at worst, if he's not going to continue work. I saw few people her get outlandish with what they were asking. Personally, his update satiated me. It seems kind of crazy that it took two plus weeks to update us, but what's done is done.
  2. In 99% of situations, you'd be right. But people here pay money, and they weren't looking for anything more than "it's still coming". Just an update to know weather we should even be holding our breath. Some people act entitled. People who pay their hard earned money actually are entitled.
  3. Fair enough. I do have an unlimited data plan on T-Mobile, and an iPod, so I just never saw the need. I also have a 4GB SD card, which, in a pinch would more than satiate me (I like to listen to Lady Gaga on my own terms, thank you very much, lol). Honestly, I just didn't know anybody actually still listened to FM radio... Then again, I only want mah Television Box for ESPN and Mad Men, so... Yeah, I'm "that guy". All that said, if you ask me, FM radio should be at the very bottom of the list when it comes to getting this rom working. I've had to move on to other forums for a working Sense Froyo rom, and their nice, but Paul has made the best roms I've found. I like this one (King something or other), and it's pretty good, but I'd still prefer Paul's effort. I'm dying here Paul!
  4. This might be a strange question to some, but why, with the existence of mp3's, podcasts, pandora, rhapsody, audible, and million other audio distractions, would anybody need an FM radio on their phone? Do you people want it just to say you have it? Who the hell actually wants to listen to a playlist they have no control over for 10 minutes, and then listen to 30 minutes of commercials? Can somebody please explain the obsession with FM radio amongst Nexus One users? I mean, if we can have it, fine, but it seems like FM radio is only possible at the expense of other features. Color me confused.
  5. You know, after the Palm Pre thing, I have to imagine Apple wont take that sitting down. I'd love it though, for sure.
  6. If his problem is anything like mine, it's a temporary fix.
  7. Whoa. If you can't tether, then it's a no go for me. I'm in a hotel, tethering is all the internets I have, lol. Is tethering not working for everybody, or just you?
  8. So, would the folk here describe this rom as a viable day to day option in it's current state? Yeah, I could just go back if it's not, but I'd rather save the time if it's just not worth it.
  9. I think that's the case. A little past midnight here in Austin (making it the 21st, the day they were scheduled to update our area), I started having issues again. It's going fine now at 1:30, and I don't know if I'll get any more problems, but I'm fairly confident this is the issue. Which makes me wonder why this hasn't be reported on any blogs. I feel like I'm owed some kind of refund. The last month has been pretty ridiculous.
  10. Yeah, I went to sleep last night, nothing was working, woke up today, and now it's working. Still don't understand how my G1 was working fine last night. T-Mobile needs to warn about severe outages like that, so idiot's like me don't spend 8 hours pulling their hair out, lol. Thanks to those who did help though, I love this site.
  11. Naw, I don't think I've ever installed that.
  12. I don't even know where to start, but here it goes... Ok, I upgraded to FRF91 about 3 weeks ago I believe. I wasn't having any problems for about a week, and they I started dropping 3G data every hour or so. After a few minutes, it would work again. I live a place with great reception, so I've never even seen it under 4 bars, so I don't think that's the issue. Now, all of a sudden today, I'm getting nothing. When I reboot my phone, 3G data takes about a minute to start working, it works fine for about a minute, and then it stops, and never works again. 4 bars, but no data will load. I tried installing this radio image... http://android.modaco.com/content/google-n...32u-5-08-00-04/ And it's not helping. I don't really know what to do. EDGE works fine, unfortunately, I'm staying in a hotel that charges $20 for internet, so my only internet connection here has been tethering through my N1. Trying to trouble shoot my N1 through my computer on an EDGE network that goes through said phone, quite frankly, has been a nightmare. I've pretty much given up, and I just want somebody to help me. I don't want to keep downloading 80 MB files on an EDGE network, only to find out they don't work. If anybody can help, I would be beyond appreciative. Here's the only theories I can think of... 1. I need to downgrade to the first Froyo build's baseband - I think this may be it, but I don't know where to find said image file. Also, I don't remember what the orignal froyo leaked build was (I went from that to FRF91). Google has shown me that a few others are having problems with 3G on FRF91, so I know I'm not alone with this issue. 2. There's some kind of 3G data outage in Austin, TX - This may also be a possibilty, but I haven't found any proof of any T-Mobile data issues anywhere, let alone in Austin, TX specifically. I do feel like this MAY be a possibility because of the inconsistant nature of my 3G data over the past week or so, but like I said, I've found no proof. 3. t's a hardware problem - I don't think this is the case though. I haven't done anything that might have harmed the phone for at least a month, and 3G has worked fine. Even today, in those burst where it does work, I've been getting great speeds. The 3G chip appears to be fine. With all the ROMs i've installed, I've dialed *#*#4636#*#* to adjust my phone settings, but nothing has helped. I'm seriously at a loss, and it's absolutely maddening. I'm currently running Modaco's r21 custom FRF91 rom on the baseband. If there's any other info you need, or if anything I said is unclear, let me know, and I'll be more than happy to clear it up. **EDIT** Well, I'm 99% it's a hardware issue. I just found my G1, put my sim card in, and 3G worked fine.
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