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  1. Hi all,

    I've installed de 2nd prebaked ROM Gr5 (vanilla edition) and now I have 2 calendars, the Samsung one and the Google stock. All events and notifications are duplicated so how I can remove the Samsung one?

    Also as I'm using a MVNO I have the roaming icon up there and I have to check the data on roaming option. Is there anyway to change this behavior?


    I used titanium backup to freeze the Samsung calendar, and now all I have is the AOSP calendar and its notifications. I'm not sure about your other question.

  2. snip...

    So have been using the GR5 kitchen baked rom wonderfully with no issues until Tuesday ... sometimes the 'back/return' soft-touch key on the right hand side of the SGSII stops working. A reboot fixes the problem. It is now happening 2-3 times a day.

    Anyone else experience it?

    not here... very strange behavior!

  3. great work! I just installed GR3, and the 3G and H icon are AOSP but the H+ icon is Samsung. Is this common? didn't find anything in a search. Thanks in advance.

    EDIT: just for clarification, I used the kitchen to bake a ROM as close to AOSP as possible. No battery percent mod either.

    EDIT2: I imagine there isn't a "AOSP" H+ icon. Now that I think about it, I have never seen an H+ icon on stock AOSP ROMs, inclucing CM7.

  4. Update: Used the fix by micromod777 and hotspot is now working properly. Great job micromod777! Lets hope this makes it into r25. Now if the lockups could get fixed and a stable overclocked kernel was added this would be the perfect Sense ROM for the N1. I did find the "barnacle" app in Appbrain but it was no longer available, FYI.

    Thanks for the help everyone.

    good to know!

    hmm, barnacle shows up for me, but I haven't tried installing it.


  5. I am helping my friend root her G2 with this method (remotely), she now has a superuser app. I told her to search for "Wireless Tether for Root Users" in the Market but it isn't showing for her.

    What apps are you guys using for wifi tethering? Barnacle isn't working on my EVO right now so I can't walk her through that.

    Use app brain market and also install "Fast Web Installer" on your android phone.


    Once App Brain Market and Fast Web Installer are installed on your phone, you should be able to go to the above URL and click "Install" and it will push the app to your phone. This worked for me using barnacle using a Nexus One on US AT&T

  6. I posted this on the R21 release topic by mistake since I am running the r24 ROM...my apologies for posting twice, but this is probably the correct forum. I am having an issue with the hotspot functionality. When I try to turn it on I get this error:

    SoftapController-->Softap set - failed: -1

    WifiService-->Exception in startAccessPoint()

    Hotspot worked fine on stock 2.2 and CM 6.0 stable, but after a wipe and install of this ROM I am having issues. I fixed an error of the etc/hosts file being blank already, but still get this error. Does anyone know where I should look to solve the access point issue? Has anyone else had this problem?


    the hotspot/wifi tether error is a known issue with r24. try downloading "barnacle" from the market (you may have to search on app brain market to install). see my post a few pages back for some instructions that I found useful

  7. Thanks for the response, Mike. I've already messed around with this and determined its just not good enough for me. I have a big apps like Skype that don't allow moving to SD yet. That's pretty fail in my opinion, but some apps are essential to me anyway.



    Sent from my Nexus.

    just format your card. 0 swap and 512mb ext3. it's well worth it and makes for plenty of room left over, at least for me when I was running r24. It's pretty easy to do via ClockWork recovery (I think with Amon_ra recovery as well). Just copy the contents of your sdcard to your comp, partition and reformat, and then copy everything back over. Also, I think you have to have the r24 baked with A2SD script...

  8. If you have a custom recovery (and I don't know an easy way to install MCR without one), the original OTA update will fail when you try to apply it.

    The above is actually the key here. If you go ahead and try to apply the update to MCR r21 with a custom recovery, the update will fail and not bother you again. At least that worked for me.



    I tried the update when I posted the above question (knowing it wouldn't install since it is a custom ROM) and you are right, so far, no update notifications. hope it lasts. Thanks!

  9. Paul, I'm loving this ROM, so thanks! :lol:

    Just wanted to make sure one issue I see isn't specific to me: the WiFi Hotspot function isn't working. I saw some folks say the same, but I don't see it on the Issues List at the beginning of the thread. Unless it's a non-issue (and local to me) any chance of adding it to the Issues List to head off other folks from posting the same? Thx!

    I'm having a little trouble with the wifi hotspot. I don't have 3G on campus but I used to be able to enable the wifi hotspot using edge on the stock Nexus One rom. Unfortunately, it looks like r24 requires 3G in order to enable the wifi hotspot. Is there a way around this?

    this issue is universal, well, at least it affected me. See posts #301 and #316 for solutions. I downloaded the app "barnacle" (had to do it through App Brain, I couldn't find it in the Market) and changed settings according to post #316.

  10. I've tried an app from the market called "Barnacle" it works really good... No need to flash, just download from market..

    barnacle worked well for me after I changed a setting per the developers website:

    Developed and tested on Motorola Droid, and Nexus One. With Froyo (2.2), the wireless driver no longer properly supports ad-hoc mode -- enable Skip wpa_supplicant to fix it (but no WEP).


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