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  1. this is a best today alternative.perfect. Everybody must use this. thanx for creators.
  2. hi.i love your roms but a have a problem in starty menu.when i push to startmenu openıng mainmanu from samsung.i hate this menu.i want to use standart wm 6.1 menu. How can i change this? thanxxx EDİT: when i closed touchwiz then back to classic start menu.
  3. you can use 6.5 eboot.it isnt problem. i am using jc2 eboot at all but my rom is 6.1.its really fast and has a lot of ram.about 90mb first start
  4. hi.you can use there links.yes is the best wm 6.1 version. http://netload.in/datei5Y0SrABJg4/B7610XXII6.part1.rar.htm http://netload.in/dateiHg245pKawa/B7610XXII6.part2.rar.htm http://netload.in/dateilbDinaNdOg/B7610XXII6.part3.rar.htm
  5. This is mine omnia pro(b7610).I used Today clock iphone today phone ex
  6. this is a best of best.thanx for hard work. Realy good job. Thanx a lot..
  7. hi dashkalos.i have some problems. xda uc work perfectly:) my problem is samsung settıngs cant detect my connection setup(MMS,wap,internet)
  8. thanks daskalos. ­ this rom is better and more rapid than 21145. its stable and fast. useful app included and short time first start. good job daskalos. Thanks again.
  9. you must use x'task.its gives 10-20mb memory.it has a start menu. try it.
  10. I thought of that when I saw the hybrid rom. Mine was just a theory seen the fact that the machineries are almost alike. because i8000 has a turkish language support.
  11. good to see you again daskalos...welcome back
  12. Hi DASKALOS. i did use all your roms.but this rom is the best for me. ­it would be much better if I would make the lite version. I will be waiting for the lite version. thanks
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