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  1. Thanks babyjosef17, I will look into the Wave and iphone 4g as well. Quite a few people, both here and in general, have suggested I wait and see what the new series of phones brings about, so I am starting to think seriously about doing just that. :D Thanks again everyone. :P
  2. That's fair enough. :P It certainly does seem to be a common opinion, not just here, but amongst others as well. Thanks again for your help. :P
  3. Thanks again everyone, and especially nikwid, for that lengthy and informative information. :P Boy oh boy, I certainly have some good food for thought here, by all means, keep it coming, this is great! :D
  4. Thank you all, so very very much for your valuable advice, you've all given me some very helpful food for thought! It really is very much appreciated! :P ps to ray1234, QUOTE - "If you need to ask the question of whether to buy a windows mobile phone or iphone, then you'd better buy the iphone, as it shows you know nothing about windows mobile. There's a reason why iphone is so popular - an idiot can play around with it. The same idiot will throw a windows mobile phone into the bin." ray1234, when I first read your comment, I was in quite a hurry, and skimmed over it. Now that I have had a chance to read it properly, it reads as though you consider me - along with any iphone buyers - an idiot! I hope that's not true, as I don't think researching a decision, ever made anyone an idiot. Hopefully, it is just a case of not expressing yourself properly, and either way, I do appreciate your taking the time to make all those worthwhile points. :D
  5. Thank you so much for the advice everyone, much appreciated. :P Can I please just check though, can I use a docking station and/or speakers with the Omnia II?
  6. Thanks for that advice, but the new ones will probably be too expensive for me :-( The problem with mobile phones is that, no sooner to you get one, and it is superseeded by a better one!
  7. Hello, I am trying to decide between the Omnia II and the IPhone, and heavily leaning towards the Omnia II. Can anyone please tell me if the Omnia II can go on a docking station and if it is easy to download music files in a similar manner to the IPhone? Also, can anyone tell me how the Omnia copes with viewing photos/videos. My current phone, the LG Viewty, always takes forever to load my photos for viewing, you could go off and make a cup of tea, while you are waiting! I would hate to have that problem again, and I'm pretty sure that the IPhone is very quick with that, but then, it is only a 3megapixel, and the Omnia II is a 5 mp, like my Viewty.
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