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  1. Great stuff Paul - been waiting for this. Thanks for your hard work in getting this out to the slavering masses B) One thing - "Patched 'Rosie' (Sense) to allow click-drag homescreen rearrange when pinch-zoomed out" - my DHD does this anyway, is this something extra?
  2. I have exactly the same problem. Uninstalling and reinstalling Visionary+ doesn't help, neither does rebooting. Hopefully someone has a solution - so near and yet so far...
  3. Couldn't agree more. That's why I've pre-ordered a Desire HD - at least there will be a lot more support. Let's face it, as far as the Legend is concerned these forums are dead dead dead.
  4. Last one I used was the Rodriguezstyle v2.3 one which is Eclair based. The Froyo based ROMS like Cyanogen allow you to move *any* apps to a protected area on the normal FAT32 partition on the SD card using Froyo's builtin code. I've not found any need for Apps2SD with this ROM. Just be aware that the Cyanogen 6 ROMs don't like an ext partition on the sdcard and won't recognise the card if there is one, so if you've previously used Apps2SD you'll need to remove the ext partition and repartition/reformat the sdcard as FAT32 before you can use it with CM6. You can keep all of your data on the card just by copying it all off onto your hard disk first, and then copying it back after reformatting. If you use ROM Manager it's very easy to try these different ROMS as you can tell ROM Manager to back up your previous ROM with nand before it installs the new ROM - this makes it dead easy to just restore the original ROM and put everything back in just a few minutes.
  5. I've used Rodriguezstyle MoDaCoMoDrOm V2.3 Fix Vivid Sense, which is based on Paul's ROM but with changes to make it much more usable. Also used Indigo Bean CyanogenMod 5.0.8, which is excellent. Both of those are v2.1 (Eclair) based. Tried a few others as well but currently using CyanogenMod 6.0.0-RC2 which is Froyo based and works well. It's not perfect and a few areas don't work too well (e.g. the camera), but for me the enhancements of Froyo are worth it. You can find all of these roms and a lot more on the xda site in the Legend Development area. Just be aware that most of them do not have HTC Sense, but I've found (to my surprise) that using LauncherPro Plus (which is superb) and a few extra apps that I don't really miss it.
  6. I think most of us have been quietly waiting for an update, but I must admit I'm beginning to feel a bit "ripped off", having paid a tenner for the ad free version several months ago and not really got anything back for it. The roms that Paul did release for the Legend were (IMO) too buggy for every day use, and I've gone through several roms from other devs that were a lot better since then. Paul is obviously under no duty to produce anything for any particular phone (despite what some people seem to think) no matter how much we all want it, but having supported the site financially I, for one, feel a bit let down.
  7. I'm afraid I don't have an answer, but please stop using the silly large coloured fonts. It's not necessary and if anything will put people off helping you.
  8. Thank you, BB. I've just read that Engadget are reporting today that all HTC handsets are shipping in China with 2.2, so looks like we can expect updates very soon.
  9. It was *me* that asked the mods for the posts to be removed, Lampux, to get rid of your rubbish, nothing to do with the mods doing it to "calm me down". But as I feared you can't stop, can you, and still have to insult me yet again by calling me a child. JUST STOP THESE STUPID POSTS - YOU WILL GET BANNED IF YOU KEEP IT UP. I'm reporting you again for continued harassment. DO NOT CONTINUE THIS.
  10. do you *really* think it will make any difference at all if you do this?
  11. Done - I'm waiting to be #4, Lampux
  12. Sigh. Maybe you should learn to read - he's said both here and on Twitter that he *is* working on the Legend, but there are other projects he's finishing first. What part of that don't you understand?
  13. Paul reads these forums, so nobody needs to "get to him". How many people do you think contact him begging for upgrades, it's not surprising he ignores you, otherwise he'd spend all of his time responding to you all. Try and understand that Paul isn't under any obligation to do *anything* for you. If he wants to work on other phones that's his decision. I'm waiting for a Legend update as well and I'm also a little disappointed that most development effort seems to be going towards other phones. However, whining about it isn't going to make any difference. Oh, and Lampux, you are a complete prat - as usual you contribute nothing and just whine - try and grow up.
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