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  1. Hello Very Great ROM ! I really like it but there are a few things I 'd like to be diferrent, if there's a way to make me happy hehe please do it The HTC dialer, I'd like to have the option to record the phone call, I saw a rom with this dialer and had it. I think that one of your previous versions had the WinRar installed When you end a call of an unknown number (for your contact list) and it says that if you wish to save it, that doesn't works. And I'd rather the menu in rows, I've seen a menu with 4 rows, it's awesome. The rotation seems not to work, In another rom I saw that "twus" put the rotation in a boton ( boton 2 holded ) The rotation is important in some cases. Everything else is very awesome . Thanks Really. PD: I use the spanish version but it doesn't matter if this could be done only in english.. If this is possible I would aprreciate it.. Thanks. EDIT: In the Spanish Version the FlashLight doesnt' works.
  2. Running and stable version.. Yeah thanks for the answer :P @kvist I am using this PPCPimBackup , lovely one you can save even configs and SMS in a file and then restore I use when I flash.
  3. Hey people, I feel like a little bit blind or something, Which version if WM is this? I know for sure that it's 6.5.x but.. It is 6.5.3 or 6.5.5? Thank you people :P
  4. What kind of dumb person did this..... Apple xD...? This video it's not fake I mean it may happen and it depends of your environment if you are surrounded near electrical appliances, battery level, the architecture of the towers of signal, number of people using the towers near to you. In my case this happens when I enter to my office with 7 air conditioners. And I don't need to even hold it. If I go out full signal. And there's a lot of factors even high speed of wind can modify this. Note: I work on this. (LOL) Second Note: I tried the video and...It's just dumb. Edit: Just to add even clouds can modify the strength of signal with a Satellite....
  5. Actually they can see the version of eboot you are using right now, but they won't know if you have flashed the eboot, in case you flash it with the original one. In my case I've flashed phone 100 times and I've only flashed 1 time my eboot and it's with the JF5 eboot :). And the problem with flashing the eboot it's if for some reason it crashes while you are doing it, (power problem, pc problem,etc.) so only flash your eboot with all others applications closed even msn can freeze your pc sometimes it's not always stable.
  6. Hello, Which version of windows are you using, if you are using a modificated or most known as "unattended" (in some cases this problem may also appear in a OEM version of windows) version of windows it won't work, remember that you have to use windows xp sp3 or above. (I guess you need SP1 for Vista, but not sure) The Flash drivers may crash in a 99% of posibilities if you are not using the original version of Windows®.
  7. this doesn't helps but I'm using Garmin XT and it works fine, but I was using version 4 and it refreshes like 1 second delay but now with verison 5 it is very slow ... Version 5 has more Graphics things on it so I don't know I'm planning to go back to version 4. If you can use Garming it's excelent besides try to look for a newer version of your app because if your phone is running ok and I mean in CPU and RAM it has to be your gps app.
  8. Note: I already flashed eboot from JF5 post on rom area and still the problem
  9. Hello, First I want to say sorry because this is the second time I post this but in another sub-forum. My Device is an I8000 I'm running Windows Mobile 6.5.3, And I have this horrible problem that when I listen to music using touch player or windows media player no matter which player I'm using and I lock the device screen should turn off and it does but seconds later the screen turns on, this only happens when the headphones are in headset mode, in headphone mode this problem doesn't occurs, but I need to answers calls also and I can't with this problem because it drains the battery very fast and also the phone get a little bit warm. I've seen anothers users with facing this problem so it's not only my phone.. For another notes: I've flash my phone using another versions of OS 6.5.0, 6.5.3, 6.5.5 cooked and not and always happens, when I had 6.1 this problem never occurred unless I didn't notice it lol. Please Help. I'm thinking about flashing eboot because I have an old eboot but I'm not really sure and the idea of it scares besides I'm not sure if I need an special Eboot version or I don't know if someone can help me with some information about this It will be nice :angry: Thanks..!
  10. Hellow people I got a wierd problem that I don't really understand and I don't really know how to explain it but here I go. When I listen to music using Touch Player or Windows Media Player and I lock my device minutes after and screen turns on, it put itselft like when you let it idle, I don't like that problem because it uses more battery. (when I mean by letting idle, it's when the backlight goes off and only brightness it's working.) That happens when the headphones are plugged in headset mode, if you plug them as headphones only it works fine but I can't answer calls or talk using the headphones, I've seen some people talking about a problem with the Backlight.dll but I'm not sure of what it is lol, or if that has something to view in this problem. Please someone help and if someone could explain what it is the backlight.dll bug I'll be really glad :).. Thanks!!
  11. Hello people, Would you help me to remove the File Signing & Certificade Checking because I need to install an app that it seems to have no certificade but I trust it because is an app from my bank. I'm using windows mobile 6.5 and I have an omnia 2 (gt-i8000). please help I've seen some wierd guides on internet but they say that works on windows mobile but they don't specify on which versions work and I've tried them and they don't work lol. thank you for your help
  12. In the about of swype says: version : 3644:3645 Built for the Samsung Omnia II.
  13. yeah ... I feel like lol I was clicking on the name and I had to click on the DOT. Thanks :lol:
  14. I installed R2 Spanish and I didn't check the thing I wrote up about the touch player because I got an issue using swype, if you don't know it is an input method, I had an error loading the language it has 2, spanish and english and none of them worked, and it isn't a problem of swype because I was using it on R1 without any trouble so I had to re-flash to R1 on English. I think that it might be an error on spanish version, anyways I'm downloading english version and I'll test it later and give my report about swype and touch player.
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