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  1. Fixed the problem by doing a repartition of the SD Card. I was using the A2SD+ version and I guess something became screwy with permissions in the partitions. Repartitioned and all was well.
  2. Had a similar problem with A2SD and A2SD+. Had to repartition my card a couple times...not sure why once wasn't good enough, but it wasn't. I'm using ClockworkMod as my recovery.
  3. Having consistent problem on LeoGingerbread and Modaco r26 (GRI54). Whenever I try to install something from the Market, I download the package then upon install, my N1 freaks out and returns to the X screen, shortly after showing the lock screen with no network connection. Everything connects within a few seconds, but the Market install fails. I did have the stalling X upon boot after flashing with the radio image, but removed battery, replaced and was able to boot fine. Baseband: Network: ATT HBOOT: HBOOT-0.35.0017
  4. Ok, this combo didn't seem to work...was getting lock ups about every two days, so I went back to MCR for now.
  5. Thanks Peter. I did my r24 via the kitchen to remove some of the junk that I never used and included the new radio image. I hadn't added the networkfix.zip though. I'll give this recipe a try, but will still set a backup alarm clock for myself until I get my confidence back! :P
  6. I had a problem getting the ROM to use my EXT3 partition for A2SD+ initially. I ended up having to repartition my SD from the CM Recovery menu. Even then, I had to reboot a couple times times, but I ended up with 193MB of free mem being reported.
  7. I'm getting this same behaviour as well. Thought it might be SetCPU so I removed that....we'll see if it has any impact. I've had it happen twice. Both while it was just sitting there discharging. For the latest happening, my notification LED continued to blink but none of the buttons responded. Only cure was to remove the battery.
  8. scottpletcher

    MCR r22 Archive

    Having the same issue with setting up Exchange. "Setup could not finish: Unable to open connection to server." I do also get this same issue with Cyanogen 6.0 which makes sense since I think the Email is the same. Since I need Exchange connectivity for work, I'm reverting back to r21 for now as well. Everything there worked fine.

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