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  1. Guys, try out Iris Browser 1.1.9 by Torch Mobile. It's a webkit based mobile browser (same one used by Android, Safari & Blackberry browsers). It's the only mobile browser for WM that passed a 100/100 on Acid3 test. This is my priority browser right now, next is Opera Mini 5.1, Opera Mobile 10 & Pocket IE. But after using Iris, I almost never use Opera & PIE anymore. Too bad Torch Mobile stopped development for this browser since being bought by RIM (Blackberry), but hey, who develops anything for WinMo 6.5 these days anyway? Even Opera stopped development while Symbian still recieved Mini 6 and Mobile 11. A little trivia, do you know why Blackberry Torch is named as it is? It's because of it's mobile browser. Guess who developed it.
  2. The camera app creates a file named "__memmap__.tmp" which is 10mb of size on C:\Windows\ If this file doesn't exist yet and you have less the 10mb on My Device, then there's no way to start the Camera app unless you free some space on My Device
  3. There are lot's of ways to reduce the lag on our beloved B7610, and it applies to both official and custom firmwares. I suggest you do your research and back read on the topics here at modaco. Also check out the Omnia2 thread (GT-I8000) as most tweaks for this phone applies to ours. To get you started, I suggest you try to get yourself the following: 1) A good registry editor (there's tons out there, but I use Resco Explorer 8.10) 2) A good tweaking software (SKTools is really powerful. Advanced Configuration Tool is also great) 3) A good memory manager like cleanRAM 4) A good UI replacement (although this is optional. The best one I've tried is SPB Mobile Shell. Personally, I stuck with the original WinMo UI coz changing the UI can eat up RAM and My Device disk space.) You can start off here as well: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-verizo...d-programs-faq/ Also check out Sumit's Ultimate messaging fix, if your lag problem is specific to the Messaging app. You'll be amazed on how much it improves. http://www.modaco.com/content/b7610-omnia-...-messaging-fix/
  4. Please key in *#1234# using the dial pad & post the result here. i think everybody would be interested to know what the latest firmware Samsung is putting on whenever they perform a re-flash. I'm using Indian ROM B7610INUJE2 on my locally bought unit. No problem with keyboard layout & operator settings unlike JC2. After testing a lot of ROMs, both custom & not, I still feel this is the most complete and stable of them all... at least until a new one comes along.
  5. Not a problem. PHOTO ALBUM: EXCLUDE UNWANTED FOLDERS Go to HKLM/Software/TecAce/PhotoAlbum/ExcludeFolders Add a new string value for every folder you want to exclude, you must give them the name of 000, 001, 002,... etc As string data you must add the folder address, you must separate folder with the symbol \ Example: If you want to exclude Program files folder, you have to make a new string value like "001" and you have to add \My storage\Program files Delete \Application Data\Photoalbum.data folder
  6. Key in *#1234# using the dial pad. Post the result here.
  7. Hi Sumit, This tool worked like a charm, just the way i wanted it. i just did a few tweaks of my own to fit my taste perfectly: 1) HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\MsgTypes\IPM\SMStext parm name="Name" changed value="Text Message" to value="SMS" 2) HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Svc\SMS parm name="FriendlyName" changed value="SMS / MMS" back to value="Messaging" 3) Added a new string (this is just to prioritize SMS above MMS when choosing an option) [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Svc\SMS] "MsgClassMenuOrder" = "IPM.SMStext:IPM.MMS" 4) I also reverted the shortcuts back to original (Message opens the Samsung App, while Email opens the WM messaging app). Just a matter of personal preference. The core purpose of having the option to choose whether you want to compose an SMS or MMS is fantastic. Great job sir!
  8. Hi Guys, I saw this new rom from Quattro Formaggi's post: http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...ries-downloads/ Here are the details of this ROM: Model: GT-B7610 | Code: VGR | Version: B7610NBUIL2/B7610NVGRJJ3/B7610BUIK2 | Date: 26.10.2010 16:51 | Size: 300,45 MB | ID: 4023848656 Notice that the PDA and Phone versions are older (IL2 & IK2 respectively), but what's interesting to see in this rom is the CSC which is JJ3 which implies it's dated October 2010, 3rd revision. Also, this is a Greek ROM (VGR) so I'm also not sure if English language is an option. Unfortunately, Quattro Formaggi doesn't share anything for free anymore. He requires 5€ if you want to download this ROM. Too bad for me coz I don't have the capability to make the "donation" (can't get myself to be approved of a credit card after applying for one so many times already :) ). I hope anybody whose lucky enough to have this rom would also be kind enough to share this with the very few population of the B7610 community. B)
  9. Checking out the screenshots: Globe? Quezon City? +63 country code? Pinoy pla si daskalos. Galing!
  10. hmmm... can other mobile phones connect to your router? if so, try this: go to settings -> network settings -> browser connections -> enable automatically detect settings then make sure u'r connected to ur wifi router before starting internet explorer or opera if u still can't connect, then i'm not sure what the problem is. never experienced connection problems through wifi with my dlink router.
  11. hi angeles, i flashed everything: eboot, csc, and mst. My carrier is Globe and the network settings and everything else seem to be in order. Keyboard layout for India and Philippines seem to be the same coz it didn't get messed up. In short, you can go ahead and flash the csc part also.
  12. try this go to settings -> network settings -> browser connections -> enable automatically detect settings then make sure u'r connected to ur wifi router before starting internet explorer hope this helps
  13. oh, also, i dont know about this new rom being faster than jc2, but i will say it feel more stabler. i think what caused the rom to get a faster feel is because when i did a hard reset after installing JE2 and checked the settings and all that stuff, i found that the performance setting is set to HIGH as default. personally, i always set this to auto. so when i did, je2 feels just as fast as jc2. the disadvantage of this rom i guess is that consumes a lot more (approx 30-40 mb) of the main storage space. i installed everything in, including the csc, which i think also carried the gprs counter which caused this big dip in main storage space. i also noticed a slightly lower program memory space after boot (around 2mb less than that of jc2). but if this means a stabler system, then it's worth it. oh and 1 more thing, u'll have to install the 3.5 .net compact framework. unlike jc2, it's not pre-installed in je2. i found it out when i was doing my registry tweaks.
  14. WOW! that sucks. just as when i've whole heartedly decided go ahead and try out one of daskalos' wm6.5.3 or wm6.5.5 roms, he pulls em out. And now that mr. indivx has earned our respects for discovering this new rom, he bails out on us. well, i for 1 am sticking to my b7610, and with this new rom installed, im loving it even more. hd2's are too expensive here in the philippines anyway. i confirm mr sumit's statement that the wifi & alarm issues i'v been having with the jc2 rom are fixed, for the time being at least. i'v installed this rom since yesterday, and found no problems connecting thru wifi to my dlink router as of yet, unlike that of jc2 when occasionally i had to restart my phone to re-establish a connection. also, i'v tested the samsung alarm on numerous settings and it all worked like a charm. well anyway, i guess this is goodbye and good luck to you both, daskalos & indivx, and to all who have decided to throw away their b7610's for this unfortunate incident. we thank you for your numerous invaluable contributions and for keeping our b7610's a top notch mobile phone. we all know what kind of support we're getting from sammy in terms of firmware updates. so... until the next great b7610 rom chef :-)
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