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  1. I moved from r3 of the 2.1 mcr rom to the r19 of the froyo one and I found it force closed a lot and didn't really allow me to restore everything properly with titanium backup. So I moved back to r3 then up to r3.1 with a2sd+. I was wondering if this was just due to titanium backup and not froyo itself? And a second question is that i have a2sd+ on mcr r3.1, if i move to r20 with a2sd (when the prebake comes out). Is there going to be any problems? Do I need to factory reset everything? Also should i restore everything from titanium backup or are somethings not supposed to be installed from the backup?
  2. Look here: http://android.modaco.com/content/htc-desi...n-froyo-frf85b/ Note it isn't totally perfect and doesn't have the Sense UI, but it is quite stable.
  3. Its a HTC Desire issue, I think the Nexus One had the same issue. It happens sometimes, not all the time though.
  4. I'm on r1 at the moment. Was actually thinking of getting an AdFree account and baking and flashing an r2 or r3 rom with A2SD+. I had a few questions before that. I'm backing up with Titanium Backup, would there be a problem when i restore the backup. Also would the applications automatically be moved to the SD card? Or will there be a problem. And how much do you think I should put the SD partition for since I have a 4gb card? I'm planning on buying a 16gb card later. So how would I be able to transfer all the data from the 4gb to the 16gb card later? And with A2SD+ if I back up with Titanium Backup and restore when you update your custom rom, will it work properly?
  5. Charged? Does your network charge you or Wavesecure?
  6. I've rooted my desire using the r4 method and used the r1 MoDaCo custom ROM. Sorry but I'm a newbie at the "rooting" scene of Android. I moved from a jailbroken iPhone 3G to the Nexus One then HTC Desire. So I am a big newbie at this. So what are the benefits of rooting? Anything I should or can do now that I couldn't do before? Also one question is how can I make the call log infinite (right now it is only the last 500 entries, am I right?), is there anyway to make it be infinite? Would be nice because then the StatsDroid app would be very accurate. I've searched and couldn't find it, sorry if this is an already answered question. I look forward to your answers, thank you.
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