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  1. Erwan960

    Omnia7 windows update

    I succefully made the update on my omnia 7 : http://www.tmaddict.com/index.php/forum/vi...=234261#p234261
  2. Erwan960

    Diagnosis codes

    That code does'nt work for me !
  3. Erwan960

    Diagnosis codes

    Some codes here : http://pdaphoneaddict.com/forum/viewtopic....135&t=21409
  4. Erwan960


    As far as I'm concerned : 1.Omnia7 2.HD7 3.Mozart Erwan de PDAphoneAddict.com
  5. Erwan960

    Omnia 7 (France)

    It's very easy to "debrand" a Windows Phone. Only some apps are installed and it's so easy to uninstall them. And so you get a non branded phone (don't talk about simlock) with only a tiny print on the back. Erwan de PDAphoneAddict.com
  6. I tried headset and it sounds good for me. Yes I am with Young cause I'm the admin :huh:
  7. Yes you can ! :huh: MP3 files : no problem (transfert with Zune). AVI files : depends of the codecs I think... but works fine up to now Erwan de PDAphoneAddict.com
  8. Erwan960

    Signal Strength Poor?

    As far as I'm concerned, I get a better signal with the Omnia 7 than with my 3Gs ou Desire... Always in 3G+ against Edge with the others. Erwan de PDAphoneAddict.com
  9. I try a JJ6 T-Mobile branded ROM on a JJ4 Orange ROM. => T-Mobile splash screen => Mediacenter, TopApps, Navigon select, MobileTV added on METRO => 7GB available Version du SE : 7.0.7004.0 Numéro de version du microprogramme : 2424.10.10.4 Numéro de version du matériel : Version du logiciel de radio : 2424.10.10.3 Version du matériel de radio : Version du chargeur de démarrage : Version du SOC :
  10. Erwan960

    Omnia 7 (France)

    I love it ! Orange label is very tiny on the back of the O7.
  11. Hi! I received mine today. What a *** phone ! It is branded Orange. OS version : 7.0.7004.0 Microprogramme : 0222.10.9.13 Matériel : Logiciel Radio : 2424.10.9.12 Matériel Radio : Chargeur : SOC : pdaphoneaddict.com

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