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  1. lowest price online is 34,849 ..here -- http://www.shopclues...ote2-n7100.html Free Home delivery and COD available..
  2. wow original Flip cover for 999 .. good price.. I got the same for 1250 .
  3. OMG! I see people strugling to get at 37500..?? Why dont you guys contact Maru, Vashi, Mumbai. its a genuine dealer and has plenty of grey stocks and gave me for 36500 ony...
  4. can anyone recommend a good flip cover and where is it available..?? Also are you guys using scratch guards or not..if yes please recommend a branded and trusted SG.
  5. I got a gray (absolutely no probs) from Maru Mumbai @ 36500. Moreover he had 5 pieces for gray . No white was available with him..
  6. Hey thats good price.. can you please share name and number, location of the shop where I can get @ 36900 ..??
  7. Reliance Price in Mumbai is 38000.. I am getting the employee discount and can get at 37000...
  8. will the Root counter increase (and break our warranty)if we : 1) Root the device 2) upgrade UK Rom ton Indian Mobile via odin..? I am sorry to ask this silly questions as I come from a HTC device which are easier to root and have been using cyanogen mod roms on these devices.
  9. Guys who bought today : can you please connect samsung kies and confirm whether any update is present for India or not? UK people have already got their update for Multi windows..
  10. I am so happy by reading GSM arena's Review - http://www.gsmarena....-review-824.php They have reviewed Note 2 three times and still hardly they are able to find any defects. All praises in all the 12 pages and still they dont know about Multi Screen feature which will be added by firmware update to all mobiles. This has backed my decision to buy Note 2..cant wait to have it in my hands... :)
  11. Unfortunately yes I am on legend and running custom ICS Rom by cyanogen,
  12. Hey Dr Puri..if I am not wrong you were there with me for buying HTC Legend and then sold it as soon as you bought it..Right..??
  13. I dont think it is available in Pune for 36400 yet..Dont take me wrong but I think Store is faking avail to lure customers.... Can some one quote least avail price online.. last I saw was on uniquekart.com for 37500 .
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