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  1. SABWAFARE2001

    Desire z in US 3g 850/1900 mhz?

    This is just the Bell version, but unlocked.
  2. Yes you need to flash the amss file which is for 1.2.1 and up. You currently have the amss file for 1.1.1 and below, which you will not have a network connection with 1.4.6. I have a network connection, but have the gps issues also.
  3. SABWAFARE2001

    FOTA error

    What is a FOTA error?
  4. SABWAFARE2001

    Dell wont boot at all

    Hey mlee. Just got the steak today when you firend. You were right, it is huge. What did you all do to have the reboot issues?

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