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  1. Ok, have read, re-read, and am still none the wiser! Am currently on B944 ICS (official Voda Zip repack installed by CWM) and want to revert back to Gingerbread. Have tried the Middle Package from the official downgrade from the Huawei, but no go - the pink bar just sits there :( am i stuck on ICS or can i revert back to completely stock?
  2. I'll be rooting mine later, so will be up for dumping the rom if that helps - will need a decent set of instructions though ;)
  3. I think you mean Pulse?? Got Pays Froyo on mine and it is superb - certainly the best combination of hardware and software on a phone at the moment (IMO of course!)
  4. Here's mine. https://www.dropbox.com/referrals/NTY4MTkyMzA5?src=global0 It's good to share :-)
  5. I've had a couple of bad bakes with the R4 - no specific pattern, but re-baking the same rom and all is fine ;)
  6. I installed an app from the market call "ZEDGE" It allows you to download wallpapers of the correct size and aspect ratio direct to your phone (also does ringtones etc) Chris
  7. I traced my excessive battery usage to the Extended controls Widget. Uninstalled it and back to normal battery consumption.
  8. I got round this by editing the rom before i flashed it. I opened up the zip and browsed to the ringtones and notifications and removed them all and just put the ones i wanted in there. Problem solved :P
  9. Excellent news, and a good find B) Just need to decide which Froyo Rom to try now.
  10. Just used this for mine - simple and efficient way of syncing the pics, and brightened up my contacts list.
  11. Ooohhhh goody - i'm off to make a 'Chilli-Mod' rom with all my favourite bit in there!
  12. Looking at some of the Roms on here (i particularly like Sebs R6) and the fact that you can open them up in WinRar.... Let say if i wanted to delete all of the notification sounds and replace them with a few of my own (in OGG of course), and the same with the Ringtones and UI sounds - would this work? And apps, can i just add the APK's into the Rom zip and will they also work - is there a disadvantage to this? Can i also replace the standard apps that are built in? And what about the framwork files (i have a nice one from here that i would like to add to my rom). Forgive me if its a bit of a stupid set of questions, but it'll help me understand a bit more about how these things work.
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