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  1. I've upgraded and lost my Google prepay card =(
  2. Finally got Google Wallet working again - not sure what fixed it, but it was probably modifiying the build.prop to HTC Jewel - Also - I turned on 2 stage verification on my Google account a while ago (after I got Wallet working originally), so not sure if that was the issue in the very first place, as I had to "allow it"...
  3. I tried without the ./ Gave me a different output :) - didn't work for me though
  4. Perhaps I did it wrong, but the fix didn't work for me Was running older version fine and decided to upgrade New version - stuck on activating account Reverted to old version - stuck on initializing And yes - did select reset account, in between upgrade Got new version (R5) and still stuck on activating HTC One X running LeeDroid v6.4
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