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  1. One more question, what will the size of the provided battery in mAH? And as I have only ever owned devices with capacitive screens before, could someone run over what the limitations of a resistive screen are? I want to assimilate all information before I make a decision to buy or not?
  2. AndyPad, does the resistive touchscreen have support for multitouch input or not? seems to be a lot of conflicting opinions on this. My personal opinion however is that a fair amount is actually being offered for £129, I have had 3 Android phones now and I would still consider buying one, and I consider myself to be a tech geek. What I am looking for is something bigger than a phone but smaller than a laptop, good for browsing, flash, and light games like Angry Birds, sheep launcher, and so on, enough onboard storage for plenty of apps, and cost effective, and I believe this tablet would fit that billing well for me. Oh, and the unlocked bootloader is a big selling point for me too, I always load my devices with custom software.
  3. I tested it by streaming something wirelessly to my PC. It works, but you need to keep windows media player or media center open.
  4. Try using a Ubuntu live CD with gparted to competely erase the partition, and recreate it.
  5. These Gingerbread ROMs are still a little rough around the edges, but they are pretty usable considering how early they are in development. Android 2.3 also looks a lot more polished on the UI front, and the fact that the notification bar has been redone to make it tie in better with the other menus is a bonus. And yes, you can download the latest version of the SU binary to flash in recovery from it's thread on XDA-Developers, and you will get root back.
  6. You need the EXT partition at the end of the SD card, and the FAT32 partition at the beginning.
  7. I really am not sure then, sorry. I don't use brut maps, I just use the stock version but I have never personally had an issue updating maps. Also, I know that the brut version is a little behind the current revision, I guess that is the only other thing I can imagine that could cause an issue.
  8. Yeah I used AlphaRev to do that. If it won't uninstall, try going into a terminal and entering the command "mount -o remount,rw /system" to mount the system RW, then you should be able to uninstall system apps.
  9. There is an application on the Android market called SystemApp Remover, it's pretty good and I believe only $1 and can uninstall things that normal app managers can't, I used it to remove and update the old version of Gmail and it worked rather well.
  10. I haven't yet used R9 with the default kernel, but as it uses the same HTC kernel as default i'd be very surprised if that is what is causing the issue.
  11. What setups do you guys have? I have a version of R9 that I installed after a wipe, with RichardTrip's latest UVOC kernel (restored my apps with Titanium Backup). I have tried taking photos in both low and high light conditions and can't replicate this issue.
  12. Can't vouch for clockwork but I use AmonRA as my recovery image and it wasn't touched by the S-OFF process
  13. Not likely to happen, it relies on the HTC kernel, and some of the closed source HTC framework.
  14. If you have S-OFF you can just mount your system partition RW (with root explorer, or by typing "mount -o remount,rw /system" into a terminal emulator.) I was able to update Gmail with that method.
  15. Paul does modding and hacking work for a lot of different operating systems and handsets, it's wrong to expect him to focus on the Desire alone. It is a shame that it's been a while since out last update but I am sure it will be worth waiting for, as when Paul does do his roms he does them right.
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