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  1. yet another SPV site! They grow like mushrooms!!!
  2. The content can be found: http://www.firaas.co.uk/sdcard.zip though it is not clear how long it will be there...
  3. for some reason, the "/" character (press twice the 1 key) does not appear when using html forms... I need that to login to a page! any clues? thanks
  4. someone's setting up: http://www.spvmobile.com/ it would be nice to avoid too much overlapping between the two sites. I wrote to the admin, let's see what he says
  5. I'm trying to take a picture and send it to a T68 but the phone freezes (I need to take the battery out...) after I take a picture...
  6. BTW, if th owner of MODACO.com agrees, we could setup our own light links page - the hotmail could be there (see tips and tricks)
  7. Apparently, in the Danish SPV portal, in the "sjov & spil" section, there are two games - invasion and waterman. Does anyone have the clue of what the URL is? What about the 'French, Swiss, other sites?? thanks
  8. Hey, for those of us short of sight, the fonts are not big - changing in the accessibility option only works for fonts in a few places...
  9. -The "Notes" feature from Outlook is great and missing in the SPV!!! Shouldn't be too hard to program, though handling the sync might be a bit more tricky. I'll try to work on an Outlook script to transform notes into Phonebook entries with "ZZZ-NOTE-My note" as the name and the note content in the notes field... I don't have a clue! any help?
  10. A simple "digital camera" program. Sometimes I just want to take a picture, not create MM Message. By the way, allow the capture of pictures with a more natural key - say, the power key, and perhaps even with an automatic rotation of the camera. Shouldn't be too hard to program - if we where alowed to...
  11. Hey, what do we want a pocket pc and a freely downloadable SDK for? To use all the software we can get!!! I really think I will return my phone if I can't install other stuff.
  12. Hey, I really think we should try to promote the forum somehow. My feeling is that we are guinea pigs, paying £100 to be beta tester. If I were microsoft I would look at this spontaneous focus group... any iedas? thanks for the wishlist by the way
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